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UK Police Videotaped Assaulting Kenyan Man in Presence of His Mother
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Police in the UK were captured on camera beating up a young Kenyan man in the presence of his mother.

The man’s mother said her son suffers from mental health issues but police officers would listen to none of it, according to an article published on Kenyan Parents in USA

The incident allegedly happened a few weeks ago in Essex, a county in southeast England.

“He was beaten and the mum had been denied the right to visit him for more than 3 weeks,” the article reads.

The woman whose identity and that of her son were not disclosed is appealing to the Kenyan community to assist her so that she can be allowed to see the son and have him back in her care.

“The police have warned her of dire consequences if she shares this Video, but she’s ready to face any consequences to secure her son’s freedom,” the article adds.

In the four-minute video, a group of policemen is seen pinning the young man to the ground and her mother can be heard crying loudly.

The man is handcuffed, legs tied and blood can be seen coming out of his nose and mouth before he is carried to a police van. It is not clear why the man was picked by the police.

“This is outright police brutality and making this message to go viral, can maybe reach higher authorities to act accordingly,” the article states.

“The Kenyan Ambassador should intervene without delay to ensure the rights of this Kenyan and more so the rights of her mother to see the son is fulfilled without delay.”

Watch the video below:


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