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Uproar After Video of Woman Giving Birth Outside Pumwani Hospital Goes Viral – Video
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A video of a woman giving birth outside Pumwani Maternity Hospital’s main entrance has sparked outrage among social media users.

Reports indicate the unidentified mother delivered the baby outside the facility after she was turned away by some members of staff.

The clip shared online shows the helpless woman lying uncovered on the pavement in the sweltering sun and a group of people is heard asking nurses at the hospital for help.

Some women try to help by covering her using a piece of cloth to shield the newborn from the scorching sun.

“While Senate and Governors are busy fighting, women who expect services from hospitals like Pumwani are being turned away,” said Syombua Kibue, who shared the video on Twitter.

“This is not acceptable. Not in 2020 Imagine when citizens have to fight to get services at a government hospital.”

The video angered Kenyans online who used the hashtag #RespectOurMothers to call out leaders, especially those who staged protests demanding respect for former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

@challiewaziri tweeted: “The moment we tell people to vote wisely, they perceive you as an enemy. You advice people not to vote based on tribal inclinations but they consider you as a fool..You warn them against being bribed during elections but they ignore your advice. These are the consequences!”

@KiruiChebet8 wrote: “Don’t know what to say am helpless 😥 Where are these female politicians & their supporters who were shouting about respecting mothers. Is it because her family status is unknown?”

@oscar_arthur1: “Pumwani hospital refused to take in a mother who was about to give birth. What a shame in a country where people can go to streets to riot about other people’s mother’s while their fellow women face rejection and humiliation. Shame on you all.”

In a tweet on Saturday, Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris said the hospital informed her that the incident happened a week ago and that the woman was later attended to by nurses. She did not address claims that the mother was turned away.





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