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US-Based Lawyer Makau Mutua Brands DP Ruto a Copycat, Says Mike Sonko is the ‘Original Hustler’
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US-based Kenyan scholar Prof. Makau Mutua has poked holes in Deputy President William Ruto’s ‘hustler’ tag.

Mutua through Twitter said Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is the original “hustler-in-chief” and not DP Ruto, who he described as a copycat.

“No — let’s not forget Governor @MikeSonko is the ORIGINAL “hustler-in-chief.” We know where that’s taken Nairobi,” wrote Prof. Mutua.

“DP @WilliamsRuto is only a facsimile — a copycat. Demagogues and charlatans can’t rescue Kenya. Don’t think outside the box. Instead, think against the box,” he added.

Prof. Mutua is one of the fierce critics of DP Ruto and has in the past vowed never to work with him. He claimed he was offered a chance to be part of Ruto’s strategy team for his 2022 presidential bid but he turned down the offer.

“Today, I give the answer. Mr. Ruto and his campaign team should read my lips or rather the words from the tip of my pen. The answer is nyet. I can’t and won’t work with Mr. Ruto. Never. Ever. Case closed,” Mutua said in the past.

Ruto has labeled himself a hustler in an attempt to endear himself to voters ahead of the 2022 presidential election. He maintains the 2022 succession battle will be between ‘hustlers’ and ‘dynasties.’




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