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Vultures and Fat Cats Won’t help. Will you?
Listing #553 by David on 09/09/2020    Viewed 13 times . Replied to 0 times . Printed 0 times

Kenya is such a beautiful country. We have amazing wildlife in our national parks like the Big Five and an even better offering of beasts in parliament which include vultures, fat cats and snakes. And what makes parliament even more interesting is the presence of clowns in the midst of all the animals I mentioned above.

And while they are busy playing politics and scheming on how to enrich themselves, a disaster looms in Northern Kenya. A dark cloud is hovering over our beloved country.

As we speak, Kenyans are starving to death. I know. We should NOT be talking about such a thing in the 21st century but here we are. Its the harsh reality. And all because our country is being led by wild animals who cannot take the time to plan to ensure we have food security in this country. Luckily for Kenya, these wild beasts are only about 220. That means the rest of us still have some common decency left because we are human. And I believe we cannot just sit and watch as Kenyans die of hunger. You and I have to do something.

My grandmother (who passed on earlier this year) told me the most challenging words some time back regarding food and sharing. She told me that if you have something in your plate, then you have something to share. And if you let another human die of hunger because you are unwilling to share what you have, then the only difference between you and a murderer is the weapon used, and the time it takes.

She was a wise woman, my grandmother. She said the beauty of giving away food to the hungry is, while you will be filling their stomach with food, they will be filling your heart with joy and your life with blessings.

And so today, I send out a passionate appeal to each and everyone of you. It does not matter who you are or what you do. If you have food in your plate, you have something to give. Lets share the little we have with the hungry children whose smiles and laughter has been masked by the hunger pangs they feel. Lets share with the desperate mothers and fathers who have no idea where the next meal to feed their families will come from. Let no Kenyan die when you and I can help. If we can all sacrifice a meal in order to help starving Kenyans, NO OTHER KENYAN will have to spend another night on an empty stomach.

Remember a wise man said there is more joy in giving than in receiving.

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