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Why I Visit and Thank the Doctor Who Paralyzed My Leg: Nominated MP David Sankok
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Nominated MP David Sankok says he is always thankful to a doctor who paralyzed one of his legs after a botched injection.

Sharing his story, Sankok said he was born without disability until the age of 12 when he was taken to the hospital with pneumonia.

“The hospital was a long way and we did not have cars here so we walked many kilometers and got to the hospital at midnight. The doctor had to be woken up close to 5 times and he eventually came and gave me an injection. Unfortunately, when I got home my leg could not move.”

He added: “What happened is he probably got confused. Normally, doctors divide the buttock cheeks into four quadrants and the injection is supposed to be on the upper quadrant where there are no nerves but for me the doctor injected me on the lower part, paralyzing my leg nerves.”

But despite the suffering he went through after losing mobility, Sankok says he would not be an MP today if this did not happen. He wanted to become a moran and a cattle rustler but the incident killed his ‘dream.’

“All along, I had wanted to become a moran and a cattle rustler so I can bring my father more cattle. However, losing my leg meant I had no choice but to focus on my studies.”

“That doctor is now retired in Naivasha and I often visit and thank him because that accident changed me from a moran to an MP. I’m a nominated MP because of my disability many people have good legs but they do not have the benefits I enjoy,” added Sankok, who is also a doctor by profession.






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