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Wikendi Yangu.
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Si i have a life


By Hakimoto


›› Juguma Diani  17-Nov-2010, reply_440356
Afadhali wale wako kamiti.

›› kedo
  17-Nov-2010, reply_440365
kupishwa kwa Mungiki!!

›› Osoh
  17-Nov-2010, reply_440367
sasa weewe uko wapi hapo

›› jakathomo
  17-Nov-2010, reply_440383
Team building or student outing?

›› Mwajuma
  17-Nov-2010, reply_440403
Are you the man on the forefront(barefoot) or the last lady(wearing akala) on the queue?

  17-Nov-2010, reply_440425

›› paparatzzi
  17-Nov-2010, reply_440449
picnic ya form four dropouts *oops sorry meant form 4’s leavers*

›› Jerry De’Governor
  17-Nov-2010, reply_440468
›› Juguma Diani 17-Nov-2010, reply_440356 › Report this user/reply
Afadhali wale wako kamiti.

*shaking head while holding chin*

›› Ms. Baibes
  17-Nov-2010, reply_440493
I miss these outings… uncomplicated fun!

›› kigaz
  17-Nov-2010, reply_440497
I think there is a guy called Mugo in this pic..

›› ochithunder
  17-Nov-2010, reply_440821
Girl in green, funny?

›› di genious
  17-Nov-2010, reply_440902
kwani nani anawarecruit hawa watu wa mathare

›› nyundo nene
  18-Nov-2010, reply_441094
the chick in green is a kyuk…..that tyre cud fit a mathree

›› Dumpsite Mafia
  18-Nov-2010, reply_441751
@ ochithunder…she is from central direct…tihihihihi…..
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