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Wilbroda Opens up on Toxic Relationship with Baby Daddy.
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Actress and Milele FM presenter Jacqueline Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda, has for the first time opened up about her relationship with the father of her son.

According to her, everything seemed good until it got to a point where she felt like her life was in danger, because they always had heated arguments.

Speaking during an interview with Joyce Gituro, Wilbroda disclosed that she got pregnant nine months into the relationship, and she was very ready to settle down with the father of her child.

“It also didn’t take very long before I got pregnant, it took like maybe 9 months. It did not take very long and I got pregnant. I felt like this was it. I wanted to settle…” she said.

The mother of one noted that soon after she had given birth, things went south and one day, upon returning home from work, the father of her son asked her to pack her things, and leave, without their child who was very young at the time.

Wilbroda mentioned that were it not for the late Papa Shirandula whom she called as she was being told to move out, things would have been different

Papa talked her baby daddy into giving her time to find a house, which she did while at the same time secretly buying essentials she would need, and two weeks later, she moved out with her son and house help.

“I got home from work at 4 akaniambia pack your things and go now. Na hauendi na mtoto na sa hio ni mdogo. Actually, ule mtu alikuja akanisaidia nisitoke because nilimpigia nikilia ni late Papa.

“Every time he would come and ask, ‘have you found a house?’ I called Papa nikamwambia nitafutie place and that is how I came to be his neighbor,” she said.

Asked whether they are in communication and if he supports his son, Wilbroda said that they talk and their communication is majorly centered around their son, but admitted that they have a lot of back and forth.

“Mara mingi tumekuwa na vurugu hapa na pale but at the end of the day mimi hujiambia Jackie huyu mtoto ni wako. So, iwe hajapatiana mimi bado ntapeana because I know the space my child owns in my heart. Everything I’m doing is for him to have a good life,” she added.

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