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Womens Groups Galore. ……( Kamweretho And Others….)
Listing #235 by KenyanList Archives on 06/07/2020    Viewed 53 times . Replied to 1 times . Printed 0 times

Mama Susana called to invite me for kamweretho (women’s group) in the next two weeks. Her run away daughter will be coming to honor her and intern receive her blessings. I remembered how her mother had suffered when her daughter run away to marry in a distant county disregarding all the advice. as if that was not enough she did not bother to inform her parents of her wherebouts . she was blessed with four boys the first born being in form one, it will be the first time for their grandmother to set eyes on them.

To cut a long story short. Susana wants to honor her parents so that in turn they bless her. this is a modern version of a group of women to gather and in turn visit their parents. problem is … where has she been all this time? in my own opinion one should take care of their parents and should not do it when coerced by nature or to demand for a blessing. Honor Your Father and Your Mother (Exodus 20, Ephesians 6, Deuteronomy 21)

Dear villagers, whats your take on the woman’s group whose intentions seems suspicious?
Dedicated to my friend and age mate @guru. God be with you.

By cucu on 12-Oct-2010

» Hunter Xp   2020-07-09 23:19:01


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