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You Think Your Partner Will Cheat On You On Fridays Only?
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Hotels that have provisions for ‘day rooms’, are busier onWednesdays and Thursdays, in Nairobi, Eldoret, Mombasa, Nakuru and Thika. ‘Cheating spouses no longer wait for the weekend ‘to sin’. They are turningweek days into their time for extra-marital indulgences when it is lesssuspicious.’Both men and women are culprits. Economically, the rich, the middle classand even the poor are players in the game.With private investigators all over, busting through FM stations andpartners being generally hawk eyed, cheating partners are finding new tricksto stay in the game. A trend has emerged in major towns where cheating spouses are ‘sinning’during week days. They have discovered that this is the time when they areleast likely to be suspected.A decent working class person will drive into the hotel, lodge or guesthouse dressed in a suit, with some files in hand, looking like they could beattending a meeting. They then get back to the office, business premises or head straight homedepending on the time. This begins as early as 8am, goes on throughout theday with the last person booking at about 4pm just before the end ofofficial working hours. Hotels and lodges that have provision for ‘day rooms’, the reference for anhour or two of using the room are busier on Wednesdaysaccording to inquiries done by Saturday Magazine team in Nairobi, Eldoret,Mombasa, Nakuru and Thika.

Lunch timeInterviews with hotel receptionists, caretakers and some room managers showthe odd hours intimate encounters are happening, with both men and womencoming from the office being a rising clientele. The argument, they say, is that weekends have proved inconvenient to hidesuch affairs as it is difficult to keep coming up with excuses for theirspouses, girlfriends or boyfriends.The other reason is the rising cost of maintaining a steady girlfriend or’the other woman’.’We are normally full on Wednesdays between 2pm and 6pm,’ says areceptionist at a hotel along Muindi Mbingu Street. She says most of theirguests are working class people. How does she know it is working class people? ‘You can tell a woman who isfrom an office – the handbag, the formal clothes, the language, all that,’she confides.Along Kimathi Street, a receptionist says her day is as busy as the night. ‘We now have someone assigned to dealing with the rooms during the day. Wecall it ‘day service’,’ she explains and adds, ‘Initially, a client wouldcome and say he or she wants to rest after an overnight journey. This has slowly changed as such clients would be joined by a person of theopposite gender.’ Some of the major hotels have been forced to respond today service needs.’When a client comes at 11am and wants a room and pays for it, we do notreally mind what one does there provided it is within room serviceregulations. We are in business, remember,’ says an assistant manager of thehotel that started day services early this year.The manager who asks not to be named, intimates that more and more women arebooking the rooms themselves. ‘I have particularly noted Wednesdays andThursday are busier during the day. We can charge up to 75 per cent as we doa night’s stay,’ he says. A caretaker at one of the guest houses alongMurang’a road says he has seen well-dressed women rushing in duringlunchtime, after first getting into a nearby hotel. ‘Just come after 1pm andyou will see,’ he challenged us.We decided to investigate last Tuesday. At around 1:10pm, a brand new modelPremio car pulled up near the hotel. A smartly dressed lady came out andcould be seen making frantic calls. She then got back into her car.’A few minutes later, a bigger and newer vehicle pulled up near hers and nosooner had the car pulled up than the lady came out of her car and casuallywalked towards the guest house.My colleague followed her and pretended to also seek a room. We kept watchon the bigger car and once the lady settled the bill, she made a call andsaid, ‘ I am now ok.’A dark well built man in a navy blue suit got out of the parked car andfollowed her to the guest house. In about three minutes, he was inside theguesthouse and the big gate locked behind them.’The two come at least twice a month. They are regular and I do not thinkthey are husband and wife,’ the caretaker confides on condition we do notname the guesthouse. More enquiries lead us to another hotel along Dubois Road at 2.15pm. Weenquire about a day room. ‘You can have one at Sh800 but if you are notstaying for more than two hours, ‘we can talk’. As ‘investigators’, we are more interested in the ‘we can talk’ bit. Wecharge Sh800 for a whole day but I can get you a room with Sh500 for onehour,’ the receptionist tries to make a deal. ‘How many rooms can we get? My colleague asks. ‘We only have two left butmore would be available in an hour or two as those occupying them are notresidents,’ she innocently tells her potential clients. Twenty six out of 28rooms fully booked at 2.15pm on a Tuesday! The following day, we move to a higher class hotel to see if we could get aroom for two hours. It is 11am when we reach the hotel in the city centre.Here, all rooms are booked through normal hotel arrangements but we can geta standard room at 75 per cent of the rates if we were to state exactly whenwe want the room for. According to a businesswoman who is pursuing a divorcecase at the High Court in Nairobi, she allegedly caught her husband redhanded during the day.’I did a lot of investigations before I knew what was happening,’ sheinsists from the beginning. She used to call his office shortly after lunchand he wouldn’t be in. ‘I always called him on Tuesday or Thursday as I would not be very busy onboth days,’ she goes on.Her husband’s colleague secretly called her and asked her to find out whyher husband always visited the hotel, near University of Nairobi withanother unidentified lady on Tuesdays.’On the fateful day, I patiently lay in wait at the hotel’s lobby at 1:30pm.I had gathered information that was his time at the hotel,’ she says.She saw it all although she was pretended to read a newspaper.’He paid for the room and went up the stairs. The lady, whom I knew as hisformer colleague, followed him. Just as she closed the door, I bust in,’narrates the mother of two whose divorce case is almost over.According to her, the man had paid Sh2,475, for the day service, 50 per centof the normal hotel rate.While some hotels will not charge half rates, most of them seem to haveresponded to ‘demand’ and hired daytime room staff. It seems the era ofkeeping girlfriends or mistresses and having to pay their rents, bills andupkeep is threatened by this phenomenon.Perhaps due to pressure of work and traffic snarl ups, it is easier for theworking class or business people to excuse themselves and afford to stay out of office longer than usual or late in the evening during weekdays.of office longer than usual or late in the evening during weekdays.


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Now thats business according to me. Keep up.

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The forbidden fruit is always the sweetest.

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its sad

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