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    what next my friends

    Hey Tsuma KenyanList is an online discussion forum where you are free to talk and share about anything and everything Kenyan.
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    Notice A Guide on How Credits (KCr.) are Awarded.

    Find the guide on how to withdraw your KCr. for Airtime or Cash here.
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    Let's make it worthwhile and interesting

    When on mobile, go to the homepage. The Referral Link can be found just after the media section. See the image below. The link is unique to everybody, so don't use the one in the image.
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    Mob justice in kasa

    Correction Sir, it's 'Mob Injustice'
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    Notice A Guide on How Credits (KCr.) are Awarded.

    Criteria Credits (KCr.) Awarded Sign Up/Registration 2 Daily Log In 1 Posting a Topic/Thread 1 Uploading Profile Picture 1 100 Messages 50 500 Messages 100 1,000 Messages 200 100 Likes 50 500 Likes 100 1,000 Likes 200 Referrals [for each valid referral] 5...
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    Notice Introducing Referrals

    Referrals are now Active! Earn 5 KCr. equivalent to Ksh. 5 airtime/m-pesa for every valid referral you make. Please use the referral link provided on your homepage to invite your friends to join the forum. The Ksh. 5 airtime will be immediately credited to your account when the invited user...
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    Notice A Guide on How to Withdraw Your KCr.

    We have successfully upgraded the system to allow users to easily withdraw their accumulated KCr. The KCr. can be redeemed as cash directly through MPesa, Airtel Money or Orange Money. Users also have the option of redeeming their KCr. as airtime to a mobile number of their choice. Procedure...
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    Bank Ordered to Pay Sh2.2 Billion to Former Taveta MP Basil Criticos for Auctioning His Farm

    The Appeals Court has ordered the National Bank of Kenya (NBK) to pay former Taveta MP Basil Criticos Sh2.28 billion after auctioning his 15,994.5-acre sisal farm in 2007. A three-judge bench found that the auction of the ranch in Taita Taveta was undervalued since there were buildings, sisal...
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    Happy new year

    Happy New Year to you too Ann234 🤗
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    Admin here’s a tip

    Hello Victory nice catch. Working on it right away. & thanks for the feedback.
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    JEREMIAH KIONI, MP Ndaragwa, gives RAILA ODINGA good news about his support in Mt Kenya.

    Ndaragwa MP, Jeremiah Kioni, was among thousands of mourners who attended the burial of Homabay Senator Moses Kajwang‘s father, Mzee Ajwang, at his Waondo home, Suba North Constituency on Friday. Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was also among the mourners who attended the highly publicised...
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    News US Issues Level 3 Travel Advisory for Kenya over COVID-19 Fears

    The US has warned its citizens against traveling to Kenya over the risk of contracting COVID-19. The State Department issued a "Level 3: Reconsider Travel" advisory for Kenya on Tuesday, based on a parallel warning from the US Centers for Disease Control. “The Centers for Disease Control and...