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    Featured Sheria ~ Sarabi

    Thank you sir 🙏
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    Featured Sheria ~ Sarabi

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    Ti lampu🍻

    😁😁😁 My kao brothers and sisters right there
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    People think that intimacy is about sex.

    This generation only knows about 'flings'. That's why they equate sex to romance
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    Safisha macho

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    Merry Christmas to you all😇

    Hahahaha huyu haikosi ni mluhya. Hao ndio hukula miguu za kuku
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    Stupid games=stupid prizes

    Lesson Learnt: Never trust a lady saying she'll catch you when you fall
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    A Place Called Eden

    In this precarious world that we call home, with its inconsistencies, pain and chaos, there is a place where me and you can find peace and refuge. It is a place known to many yet less visited by few. A place that joy unspeakable is found and proper and accurate perspective is established. A...
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    Kenyan Family That Lost Kin in Ethiopian Plane Crash Paid Sh327 Million by Boeing

    A Kenyan family whose kin died in the March 10th, 2019 Ethiopian Airlines plane crash has been paid Sh327 million by US aircraft manufacturer, Boeing. The family accepted the record-breaking compensation to drop a suit against Boeing, making it the first settlement in a case filed in US Federal...
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    Governor John Nyagarama

    So the Governor was brought to Nairobi Hospital for Covid 19 treatment while his poor folk back in Nyamira are expected to do with the Nyamira Level 1 hospital for their Covid Treatment. smh When will Kenyans see they are being played for fools by these mheshimiwas?
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    Mens..... bibi ya wenyewe is a no go zone😭

    \buda hiyo ni karatasi ya nylon inamwagwa kwa d**k . :LOL:
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    Hello every one

    Duke of Thika ambia yeye
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    Kibano vipi? Hehe

    Kibano vipi? Hehe
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    Below the belt

    Sijashika hii 🙄