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    I am dhalia

    Welcome Dahlia
  3. Eve

    Jimmy Wanderi

    Feels right to be back.
  4. Eve


    I stopped watching Kenyan News a long time ago. It's either politics or content from social media, copy pasting trending stories from twitter and fb
  5. Eve

    Hii ni Ushamba category gani I remember people in Githurai going to ride the naivas escalator a while back or was it Kericho? Wafrika ni wafrika tu
  6. Eve

    Hii ni Ushamba category gani

    Couldn't agree more. Kenya would be far much ahead were it not for this deep rooted corruption emanating from our politicians. Kenyans need to make a round about turn, forget tribal politics and stop voting along tribal lines. Only then will we make economic head way. For now, we are in deep...
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    Depends with what you are giving away?
  8. Eve

    Let's make it worthwhile and interesting

    Let's hope maturity will prevail