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    THE STORY OF CHIROMO HOUSE - Hottest property in Nairobi

    There is a village in Malawi, on the way to Blantyre where two rivers, Ruo and Shire meet. The village is known as ‘‘Chiromo” meaning “meeting of two rivers” in the local dialect. This is where the Kenyan Col. Ewart Grogan was attacked by hostile tribesmen during his famed Cape to Cairo walk...
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    Metro FM 1996-2000 season line up: Kajuju Kaburia, Angela Obino, Yunia Amunga, Tony Msalame, Molly Njeru.....
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    In November, 1999, the Kenyan government tried to deport Kaiser, claiming that his work permit had expired.Kaiser briefly went into hiding in Kisii before he was granted a new work permit, but only after intervention by the US Ambassador Johnnie Carson and Bishop Colin Davis of Ngong. In March...
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    JOGOO KIMAKIA headed to Muranga

    At one time, the Jogoo Kimakia Bus Service, operating on the central Kenya routes, had more than 100 buses. Owned by Dedan Njoroge Nduati, the bus company had been built by a man who in 1945, was only operating a kiosk. He saved enough money to purchase a lorry. It was from the small transport...
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    There was shortage of meat in England after the second world War and the British government had ordered supply from their African colonies and DCs were effecting the order. Ole Sendeu was hanged for the murder of Hugh Murray Grant on January 28, 1947.
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    Meet Karambu ole Sendeu, who killed the then new Narok District Commissioner Mr. ugh Murray Grant with his spear in in August 16, 1946 for forcefully buying off his beloved bull at Loita Hills.
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    This was a concentration camp located in Lussengeti village in Kikuyu kiambu.
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    Former president Kibaki's elder sister Esther Waitherero.
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    Did you know that a male camel ejaculate 3 litres of sperms per session? It's important to share knowledge.
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    Accident Alert: Kibwezi 1958

    Check out the number plate fellow fossils, stories are told of how that place was filled with lions around then. A story is told about the origins of Mbuinzau (white goat) further back, based of folk lore apparently vultures were always around that area courtesy of the many corpses and sure...
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    In 1902, Naivasha & Kisumu were transferred from Uganda to Kenya by the king of England under the order of the Secretary of state NO.15 Without this decree, Nyanza & Rift valley would be under Museveni today. Meaning Raila Odinga & William Ruto would be in Uganda today.😅😅
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    Jomo Kenyatta acted as a tribal chief in the film "Sanders of the River (1935)". NB:This movie is on YouTube.
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    A fifty years old man has allegedly swallowed a condom to conceal evidence after he was caught red-handed defiling his ten year old daughter in Embu majengo estate. “He will be under serious monitoring until we recover the evidence “, Police officers.
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