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  1. Wanjohi

    Bored and angry

    Next option is to find a nanny or attending a TV service. Taking them to church you'll have to put up with them. Thats just children behaviour
  2. Wanjohi

    Bored and angry

    What about taking them to the Sunday school when you get to church?
  3. Wanjohi

    Climbing a 50+1

    I have seen a threat that if I don’t beat you this story I will be voted a director of Kihiu Mwiri. Well... I don’t take threats with any heaviness but the threat to vote me a director of Kihiu Mwiri has made my bells return to stomach. And because I don’t want that seat, let me beat you this...
  4. Wanjohi

    My Visit to a Mganga from Tanga

    In my last story of giant, I told you that I was determined to find a solution to lasting longer than 9 secs (Mrs Mbugua's encounter was 5 secs) and climbing above 3 jotis. After having failed to get a generator from Mchingchong, my next search for a good solution was at "Mganga wa Tanga". I...
  5. Wanjohi

    Nunua pillow uache kulalia mikono kama umbwa

    Nunua pillow uache kulalia mikono kama umbwa
  6. Wanjohi

    Ndo Maana Wanasemanga Love is Stupid

    situation after keg unaona waiter amekua bibi yako
  7. Wanjohi