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    Harsh One

    That from DP to Cs Wamalwa was a harsh one. Politicians need to sieve what comes from their vocal cavities
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    There's way

    God will make a way where there seems to be no way
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    Watu wangu na hii uchumi hii si ni kulazimishwa kukondA
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    May your heart desires be granted
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    Cold outbreak

    Kwani kuna outbreak ya homa
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    What's the update on United signing
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    Cost of living

    To just say the truth it's hard the reach are just adjusting to situation but common mwananchi we have to adapt to situation
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    What's that One culture you cannot forget no matter what comes
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    Keep on

    May your heart desires be granted
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    So politicians are out with their usual lies. Let's be wise
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    Uhuru speaks fluent English without mother tongue interference. Aki utajiri wewe hunioni
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    Mwanamke mzuri tabia, sura na shape vyachangia TU
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    May The desires of your heart be granted, God is silent because he's working on your issue. Wait for results
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    Decision Time

    This round we need to be careful, least we suffer for another 10yrs.We need to make change that Will impact us positively, let's not fall for empty and luring promises by some politicians who have been in government and haven't performed. Such should be the ones to be thrown out first
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    God shall provide in a Way you least expected. He shall provide for you.
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    Kenya Kwanza

    Ati mumesema holy spirit amesema kenya kwisha.... 😂
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    Staying positive

    God has heard your cry and I can assure you God is working on your Case
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    May the desire of our hearts be granted. God shall make Way. Let's keep the faith and hope higher 🙏
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    Hello 👋

    Good morning 🌄 great people, may your day be filled with luck
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    Staying with the word

    Just trust God follow His commandments and it'll be great