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  1. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Well, then.

    Looks like I'm back to the 254.
  2. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Nyoka ni nyoka tu

    That was a close call.
  3. themostunderwhelmedkenyan


    Yes. Exactly.
  4. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Michael Njogo alias Uhunye wa Umoja forced to vacate house

    Everything in this country is either: 1) Publicity: Flexing like you’re something but you really aren’t. 2) Misinterpretation: "You misquoted me...that is not what I meant..." 3) Deceit: Straight up lies. Nothing is real.
  5. themostunderwhelmedkenyan


  6. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    South Korea: Lotte Cinema

    😂 😂 😂
  7. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Just thought you'd know

    Elephants can't jump.
  8. themostunderwhelmedkenyan


    Very cool, bro!
  9. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    South Korea: Lotte Cinema

    Super Plex G • 622 seats • Two-storey building • Screen size, 34 metres wide and 13.8 metres high
  10. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Mali safi iende chain chain🤪

    Just when she starts looking a bit like a female, she immediately continues looking like a man.
  11. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Cooking with chef Singh 🔥

    Amazing! Simply amazing!
  12. themostunderwhelmedkenyan


    Believe it or not, by pollution. They need to emit as much Co2 as possible for there to be enough radiation (not harmful radiation like from a nuclear plant) for clouds to start forming. Because Mars is literally a dead planet, there aren’t any clouds. It’s clear sky night and day. Eventually...
  13. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Time for last prayers 😟😟

    Bro, I can’t imagine... You get out of that plane a completely different human being.
  14. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Monday 😂😂

    "Where are you more, my love" 😂😂😂
  15. themostunderwhelmedkenyan


    Photo from ‘Perseverance’. The rover that landed on Mars on February 18th, 2021. Next Step? 1) Heat up the atmosphere to habitable conditions. 2) Use 3D printing technology to build living quarters. (Eventually, build better structures) 3) Vet residents for the New World. (This will be a pretty...
  16. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Time for last prayers 😟😟

    It is worth noting that this plane did indeed land safely and nobody aboard or on the ground was injured.
  17. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Fibonacci Sequence

    The Fingerprint of god.
  18. themostunderwhelmedkenyan


    A nanomaterial that is darker than any other substance on Earth. Vantablack absorbs 99.98 percent of the light that hits its surface making it the closest thing to staring into a black hole.