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  1. Smartvin yego

    Power of prayer

    Good morning beloved in Christ Jesus There’s nothing prayer cannot do, prayer is the only master key to open all doors of blessings, a prayer warrior is like a burning fire who can never be touched by enemies or else they’ll get burned , a prayer warrior is like a solid rock and his enemies are...
  2. Smartvin yego

    Dream 😹

    I can't wait to get married so that my wife will wear a sexy mini skirt on a Saturday to seduce me When she is washing my clothes she will be like " Honey help me with hanger" then l will come out to give her the hanger l will smile and say "OMG you look beautiful" after that l and her will...
  3. Smartvin yego

    To all men!!!

    1. Before you start a relationship with a lady, you must think carefully what you are about to do. A relationship is not something you should rush into or handle lightly. 2. Are you ready for a relationship with her? Are you emotionally, mentally and spiritually mature to meet her needs? 3...
  4. Smartvin yego

    Never give up

    Today am addressing someone who has never rested from their young age,you come out of this battle you enter Into another battle immediately,your life has been of fighting,nothing has been easy for you.Your time to rest has come,God is resting you from financial struggle,job struggle, business...
  5. Smartvin yego

    My love 😋

    Beb acha pombe ama nkuache Jibu ka mlevi. 😳😕🤨😵🤞🤣😂🤣
  6. Smartvin yego

    Horrible 🤦🏼‍♂️

    my neighbor bought his wife a pant,,but I don't like the color 😩😩
  7. Smartvin yego

    Uchumi mbaya😹

    Wuuuuuiii,,ugali Sosa suspended till further notice 🥺😔😹😹,,watu wa kipandaksi semeni kitu
  8. Smartvin yego

    Religion believes

    Do you believe in religion 🤷‍♀️,,what if it was meant to create disguise, because the poor pitty God but still get poorer and the rich get richer🙄,, what's your opinion men of God
  9. Smartvin yego

    China debt

    Whats your opinion on wajakoyah idea of planting weed to settle the china debt,,itawezekana kweli??
  10. Smartvin yego

    Ruto tena

    Who's your 5th
  11. Smartvin yego

    Who's the beast kati ya willy pozee na bahati

    On the comments section 👇👇
  12. Smartvin yego

    Wanna buy someone lunch 😋

    Say hi
  13. Smartvin yego

    Let's make it more of fun

    Let's get to know each other by place you are from 😋,,me from kericho Kenya,, you??
  14. Smartvin yego

    Wajakoyah the 5th

    Let's purify state house ama aje,, it's a reggae thing
  15. Smartvin yego

    Let's earn big

    Follow for follow,,ama ajeez, tusaidiane