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  1. Mundu Omulosi

    Odm or Uda

    Mimi niko Azimio la Kenya Kwanza
  2. Mundu Omulosi

    Are there online couches training dancing in Kenya?

    I doubt it. You can try finding videos online on the specific dance moves you want to learn and practice. Moreover, it will be cheaper and you can always rewind to learn and relearn a move.
  3. Mundu Omulosi

    Featured Take the poll and choose your preferred Presidential Candidate in the 2022 General Elections

    Good choice but that will be a wasted vote in the 2022 presidential race.
  4. Mundu Omulosi

    Good Series to Watch

    Rick and Morty
  5. Mundu Omulosi


    Depends on whether you've got cash or not bro..
  6. Mundu Omulosi


    Evening Robizna254 .. how was the Saturday?
  7. Mundu Omulosi

    Daring robbery

    😄 .. huyu anajua wazungu hawananga mbio .. mwafrika angemshikia hapo kwa mlango
  8. Mundu Omulosi

    Stella's arrival to kenya

    Ilikua tarehe 17 mwezi wa 5..
  9. Mundu Omulosi

    Whats your take?

    Pesa yao iko pale MCSK
  10. 20220517_082036.jpg


  11. Mundu Omulosi

    Can the Lone Ranger Win?

    The maa community in Narok will not be swayed away from Azimio because Kalonzo picked Ole Sunkuli. Kalonzo is just in to spoil the votes and sell himself to the highest bidder. Anataka kuchangia run-off
  12. Mundu Omulosi

    It will cost you just Ksh 990 million to break Rue Baby’s virginity

    Inakaa inalipiwa na Uganda shillings my fren.
  13. Mundu Omulosi

    Election 2022

    Tupeeni running mate kwanza
  14. 20220515_044639.jpg


  15. Mundu Omulosi


    Muturi ni kutupa