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  1. Mundu Omulosi

    There is no God

    As I type this, there is a child in the world getting raped while your God is impotent and is just there doing nothing to stop it. Don’t let it go over your head
  2. Mundu Omulosi

    A soft knock on the door, then silence. She wonders.

    She's used to impatient knocks and name-calls by her usual guests. She slowly reaches and opens, to meet three men with the tired local priest behind them. Their uniforms and fearful faces make her heart skip a beat. "Mungu wangu, usiniache..." She mutters, almost too loudly that the men look at...
  3. Mundu Omulosi

    Wakubwa nimerudi tena

  4. Mundu Omulosi

    A snake in Kitui immobile after swallowing a human being

    Hawangechinja hii kitu watoe huyo mtu?
  5. Mundu Omulosi

    Hate speech alert

  6. Mundu Omulosi

    Quote of the day

  7. Mundu Omulosi

    Official Firimbi Movement!

    Kipchumba Murkomen, Ledama Olekina, Millicent Omanga, Susan Kihika and others will be watching President Uhuru Kenyatta State of nation address on TV like other fellow Kenyans. Those who'll be attending the seating in the chambers list is out.
  8. Mundu Omulosi

    Buy Laikipia. Build Laikipia

    LAIKIPIA county government has issued a memo to all head of department, CECs and ward administrators. This 'car' will be the county's officiall car for every department. All Ford's, Prados etc are to be auctioned.
  9. Mundu Omulosi

    Admin behind the scenes

  10. Mundu Omulosi

    Covid-19 : Kenya Today

  11. Mundu Omulosi

    Admission No. 012

    Nimefika wakubwa