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  1. Essie


    Any job opportunity arround nyeri area tusaidiane wenzangu
  2. Essie


    Like really is it That easy for baba to say that he will do away with mitumba Cloths...while this is What we eat And dress
  3. Essie


    Blessed be the name of the lord and his name be lifted up hight for his goodness shall lay Forever and ever Amen
  4. Essie

    Who is your best dj

    There are several dj wa action movie
  5. Essie


    Sometimes life gets soo tough all we pray for is Gods intervention.mungu nipe nguvu
  6. Essie


    May the Lord remember your going In and your going out .may his shield always protect you and your farmily.
  7. Essie


    Faith is believing that it will come to be nommater how long it takes . Keep your faith up . Good morning
  8. Essie


    Hello good morning everyone .hope you had a peaceful night .
  9. Essie

    Ruto and uhuru

    Keeping behind their standard as the President of kenya and as the vice president I would really like to see them talk .associating
  10. Essie


    ooh dia God.i pray that you shall give us the strength to push on . Have a great night everybody.....
  11. Essie

    Night greetings

    Hello friends have a great night
  12. Essie

    Need advice

    Hello guys nikazi gani unaeza Anza na 5k
  13. Essie


    Hello good morning kenya
  14. Essie

    Need help

    How do i redeem the kcr from messages zikifika 100
  15. Essie


    How many enjoy hizi comedy za karistus na Boma😎they never disappoint aki
  16. Essie


    Having hope that our desirs will come to pass.just hopping that in certain ways God will come through for us .and we shall receive desirs of our heart's. Good morning. Have hope in every situation
  17. Essie


    For I know the plans you have for me are plans to prosperity.
  18. Essie

    Being Smart

    Hello Good Morning .I have been wondering why some men are like that.He will give you no peace ati i need to see you .But when you tell them.you got no cash with you they will say tumia yako ntakurudishia nkt how and wewe ndo unataka kuona dame.. Man up or leave the girl alone
  19. Essie

    My names

    Esther mbugua
  20. Essie


    In this world have you ever noticed that most of your relatives can never help you .and most of the people you see as strangers are the one's who come at your aid