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  2. Mundu Omulosi

    A soft knock on the door, then silence. She wonders.

    She's used to impatient knocks and name-calls by her usual guests. She slowly reaches and opens, to meet three men with the tired local priest behind them. Their uniforms and fearful faces make her heart skip a beat. "Mungu wangu, usiniache..." She mutters, almost too loudly that the men look at...
  3. Mundu Omulosi


    In support
  4. Mundu Omulosi

    Fangi tu

    😂😂 sisi ni maskwota kwako
  5. Mundu Omulosi

    When you really need the 🤑 💰30k for own kidnapping 😭

    Huyu mrembo akuje nimpee kazi
  6. Mundu Omulosi

    Hello djwheezy254

    Hello djwheezy254
  7. Mundu Omulosi

    Fun times😁😁

    😂 hapo mwisho mwisho amefuata harufu ya jasho akamtoa squatting position.
  8. Mundu Omulosi

    Wakubwa nimerudi tena

  9. Mundu Omulosi

    What's the colour of this dress?

    Black & Blue https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dress
  10. Mundu Omulosi

    "If you have been broke before, never look down upon a fellow youth who is trying."

    "If you have been broke before, never look down upon a fellow youth who is trying."
  11. Mundu Omulosi

    A snake in Kitui immobile after swallowing a human being

    Hawangechinja hii kitu watoe huyo mtu?
  12. Mundu Omulosi


    I also urge Admin and the moderators to ensure/promote quality content in order to propel wander's legacy even further
  13. Mundu Omulosi


    It is indeed great seeing familiar chaps checking in. Kweli once a villager, always a villager. Sounds like you've been through interesting times. Yours is a story I'd love to hear haha.
  14. Mundu Omulosi


    Wasted 30 seconds of my life clicking this
  15. Mundu Omulosi


    Haha unajifanya haujui
  16. Mundu Omulosi

    Riddle Time

  17. Mundu Omulosi

    Hello Eve

    Hello Eve
  18. Mundu Omulosi

    Anyone who can read and interpret this?

    Hii inasema BBI haipiti 😂😂😂
  19. Mundu Omulosi

    Jimmy Wanderi

    Labda ni heart attack ya kuona intern amedelete database
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