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  1. FREDben

    Bussiness and Wealth Talk

    fuond out you can get paid to watch youtube videos?who is ready?
  2. FREDben

    Sports Chat

    So far which leagues are we now focused on to,?Somebody tell me ,I love betting
  3. FREDben

    It's a strange World

    Its a strange World,ati with a smartphone I can be selfemployed ,it amazing,Love God,fear God,Respect people and live a peaceful life,
  4. FREDben

    Sports chat

    Am A Manchester city fun
  5. FREDben

    Bussiness &Wealth talk

    Tell me and advice me of a great investment platform in our Country🇰🇪 ,Am looking forward to invest the little I got now but still Am afraid after been scammed by a number of platforms last year,Kindly advice me if a real,genuine and a long live online investment platform in 🇰🇪
  6. FREDben

    News & politics

    Have ever thre there been a large number of candidates vying for presidency big like that the number of Kenya 2022 General election?I have never heard ,what about you? #True2self,True2God
  7. FREDben

    Election 2022

    Kenye is for God,and bo one be against Kenya
  8. FREDben

    Election 2022

    Peaceful electection it go be comes August
  9. FREDben


    I love hiphop music,do you listen to Hiphop
  10. FREDben

    Sports chat

    Am a Mancity die stone fun,,what about you which EPL club can be thrown stone for die hard to keep it high
  11. FREDben


    online bussiness is the best
  12. FREDben

    Election 2022

    Are you ethnic when it comes to making politics decision?For me Am not
  13. FREDben


    My young girl says she is in love with the lifestyle
  14. FREDben

    Job opportunities

    You got to build an empire by doing this
  15. FREDben

    Election 2022

    this election will make Kenyan to prevail high,,,
  16. FREDben


    History this generation gonna make,its a new begginning of greatness ,we put heart to do this and we have buckled our belts to do thus
  17. FREDben


    Do you listen to hiphop music?How you see insight you a hear a buddyvhere out listenning to hihop music?
  18. FREDben

    Job opportunities

    Just got a trophy,,How many of you won a trophy?
  19. FREDben

    Spiritual and faith

    Do you love your earthly Father like you love you Heavenly Father
  20. FREDben

    Peaceful election

    Election of Kenya will be peaceful and citize must observe