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    Nairobi Teenage Girls Who Went Missing Dismiss Reports of Abduction, Say They were Bored Staying Indoors

    DCI wanadai magaldem walikua waki-shoot porn bana 🙄
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    Kenyans see the people you elected

    As long as we vote along tribal lines lazima wakenya tutaumia
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    So RVR raised their fares to Ksh. 100 for their commuter trains

    Upande train na mia na hata haina hewa na manyanga ni 80bob.
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    Magical Kenya

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    If you know you kno

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    Kenyans Troll Esther Passaris After She Likening Herself to US Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris

    The culture of diminishing women isnt ending anytime soon . . .
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    mkiambiwa muende Gym mnakasirika....ona sasa

    Hehehhe huyo ni ka ametoka 1st flr
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    Lakini kwangwaru ilitesa vibaya sana

    Lakini kwangwaru ilitesa vibaya sana
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    Ile comedy hupigwa construction sites is proof that watu wa mjengo are low key...

    Ile comedy hupigwa construction sites is proof that watu wa mjengo are low key comedians😅...laughter and fun galore🤗
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    My two pence beliefs on love ...

    People always accuse me of not believing in love. So to settle the fears and concerns of many , here are my two pence beliefs on love. Love exists. It not over-rated, its not for fools and its not stupid. Its the most beautiful and magical thing that can happen between two people. There is no...
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    Think your job is hard? Try being a sperm ...

    While most people complain about their jobs, I think sperms have the hardest job nowadays. If you were a sperm, you really don't want to be living in the body of a gay guy, a wanker and someone who gets lots of head. You know sperms exist with one sole motive in their life. To find the egg...
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    Marriage VS Politics

    There is only one thing that can equal the intricate conspiracies and cajoling that goes on in the world of politics. Marriage. There are no permanent friends, or enemies. And Yes, its a dirty game too. 1. Well, there is alot of corruption. "Hey! If you want me to make this night memorable you...
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    How To Make Corruption Soup with Impunity flavor

    Ingredients: 3 large politicians - Uneducated, dumb and greedy. 2 Ministry officials - Freshly employed. 1 Huge Project - Unsliced for maximum gains. 1 Tender - Well advertised 3 Huge Companies - Freshly picked from the 'fictitious' list. 1 huge bunch of fellow tribesmen - Unemployed. 1...
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    Are you suffering from Vitamin S deficiency?

    A study by the Ministry of Health has raised the red flag over effects of Vitamin S deficiency among the general public. The deficiency of this vitamin whose scientific name is sex-iferol is in such high levels that the government is requesting sexperts from the red-light district of Armsterdam...