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    Why understanding generational gap is crucial for line managers

    There is a serious new problem in the workplace. It has nothing to do with salaries or downsizing. Not even greed among employees. It has everything to do with distinct generations that exist at the workplace. The generational changes include the Baby boomers — born during the demographic...
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    A quick guide to good health

    When it comes to your physical and mental well being there are no short cuts, but you can prevent myriad infections and conditions by simply keeping yourself clean and adhering to a strict but workable personal hygiene regimen. Smelly feet, bad breath, strong pungent smell of sweat upon raising...
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    Brisk walking can be key to a healthy heart

    Scientists have shown that brisk walking can reduce your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes just as much as running. After looking at the health records of 33,000 runners and 15,000 walkers, researchers found that the same energy used for moderate intensity walking and...
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    What your body parts say about your personality

    We’re told size doesn’t matter… but scientists keep finding new ways to suggest it actually does. A controversial study claims women with wider hips have more sexual partners and more one-night stands. Leeds Uni boffins say the broad-of-beam are more suited to childbirth and therefore keener to...
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    Safety first when attending that interview

    The experience of looking for a job is one every job seeker would want to forget as soon as possible. It is usually a daunting period that can be time consuming, expensive and even unnerving. This is the reason perhaps why when most people are invited to an interview they throw caution to the...
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    Facts about Child Vaccination in Kenya

    DEFINITIONS IMMUNIZATION: Deliberate provocation of an adaptive immune response by introducing antigen into the body. VACCINATION: Deliberate induction of an adaptive immune response to a pathogen by injecting a vaccine,a killed or attenuated form of the pathogen. VACCINE: A substance used to...
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    Bahati ft Rayvanny - Kiss

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    Top 10 Best Current Aviation Schools in Kenya

    Before taking a gander at the best aviation schools in Kenya, it merits referencing that presently there are in excess of forty aviation schools as well as schools in the nation. Tragically, scarcely 50% of these schools have been completely authorized by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA), a...
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    List of Top 10 Best Dj Schools in Kenya

    This is a rundown of the top 10 best Dj schools in Kenya. The entertainment industry in Kenya has consistently become over the previous years, with the vast majority of the deejays earning a spot among the most generously compensated entertainers in Kenya. The interest of disk jockeys is...
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    List of Top 10 Best Law Firms in Kenya

    Here are the topmost most reputable law firms in Kenya for all your legal demands. 1. Anjarwalla & Khanna (A&K) as a top Law firm in Kenya Anjarwalla & Khanna (A&K) is the largest corporate law firm in Eastern Africa, with over 90 lawyers, and is generally considered the leading full-service...
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    Best Girls National Schools in Kenya

    That being said, the following are the best-performing girls’ national schools in Kenya based on last year’s KCSE examinations. 1. The Kenya High School Located in Kileleshwa suburb in Nairobi County, Kenya High School ranks top among the best girls national schools in Kenya. The school was...
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    Best Boys National Schools in Kenya

    Below is a list of top 15 best-performing boys national schools in Kenya, and as a parent or guardian, you can consider taking your child to one of these schools. 1. Kapsabet High School Kapsabet High School is currently the crème de la crème of all the boys’ national schools in Kenya, only...
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    How to Apply for a Kenyan Identity Card

    The process of applying for a Kenyan ID card starts with knowing the requirements for this document. You need the following: You should be at least 18 years of age. You should have your birth certificate and a copy of the same. The birth certificate proves your nationality whether you’re Kenyan...
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    How to Check ID Status Online or By SMS after Application

    Did you apply for an ID, or applied for a new ID card? There’s a way you can know the status and if it is ready for collection. You can check your ID status online or by SMS. Here’s how: Check Online To check your ID status online: Go to http://www.identity.go.ke/search.html Navigate to the...
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    Online Jobs in Kenya – Ultimate Guide on How to Earn Online in Kenya

    Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing Kenyan youth today. I am sure that at some point during your hustle, someone might have mentioned to you to try Online Jobs, but have no clue where to start. In some scenarios, you may have heard of someone who has been scammed and wondering...
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    List of Kenyan Tribes with Facts, Population and Names

    1. The Embu The Bantu-speaking Embu tribe makes up around 1.5% of the population of Kenya and can be found mainly in Embu district. It is one of the Mount Kenya communities. 2. The Kamba Making up about 10% of the Kenyan population, the Kamba tribe is found mainly in eastern Kenya. It is a...
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    Which TVs work with Apple TV app and AirPlay

    Apple TV app and AirPlay The Apple TV is no longer a requirement for watching shows bought and rented on iTunes or viewed via the TV app. Find out which Samsung, Sony and LG TVs will work with Apple’s TV+ app. Plus how you can use a Roku or Amazon Fire TV to get the Apple TV+ content. On 1...
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    Mobile barbershop serves the high and mighty

    Barkat Ali Manji has been trending for weeks after his mobile barbershop went viral. His is the first mobile barbershop in the country. Manji was forced to convert his van into a barbershop when Covid-19 happened. He counts among his clients Otile Brown, former Kiambu Governor William...
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    List Of Kenyan Drinks That You Should Try

    Kenyan cuisine and culture are not the only things unique to the country. We are also the proud makers of several drinks that you will most definitely not find anywhere else. Whether you are enjoying a sunbath at the beach or you are cuddled up in a cold afternoon, there is a Kenyan drink for...