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  1. kristiano

    Go hard or go home+a joke

    well you know it's never supposed to be easy but it depends on the mentality you set down you see it's not all about working hard.. well people always you work hard why are we never told to do our work in joy we'll you know the biggest success is being best at what you do best there is no one...
  2. kristiano

    Healthy habits

    well look at this health is dynamic factor well it's the well being of your body it's like a car if you maintain it will serve you for a long time just like a car it needs fuel so we humans use sleep and food you see so having enough rest drinking enough water enjoying some nice sun will be a...
  3. kristiano

    Gods power

    well you know that God is a mighty being well He is incomparable well to much wonders begins when he enters your life you know well his blessings are long term unlike Satan's blessings which are mainly due to humans lust of wanting to please the flesh even your piece of life is a blessing not...
  4. kristiano


    😏🌻🍂ever wonder if whether earth was heaven??
  5. kristiano


    well you know the term marriage is term. not all people understand... this is the creation of possibilities between two or more people who have been decided to be sharing same goal and and interest well.... looking it into other perspective marriage according to the ancient time is sacred...
  6. kristiano

    marriage without tears

    well that's what you say but look at this there is. never the a right person you know...... well and the mistake you can do is by waiting for someone better you know it all starts by how well you equipped one thing for sure there will be never one person for you that's something should input in...
  7. kristiano


    mbna inakaa scum
  8. kristiano


    😂😂😂😂😂the fifth ashatoa fom so usitense
  9. kristiano

    I thought ni scam manze kumbe ina work

    usieke high hopes Sana enjoy the moment
  10. kristiano

    Making it counts

    well the thing here is not making a lot of money the best way is to creating a lot of possibilities within you we'll and if combined with passion trust me
  11. kristiano

    Election 2022

    well we are in a situation where we are choosing either to be led by a blind person or a deaf person and if you look at this they all seem to be playing their cards right well now its up to you to see who would you like to be lead with considering not every one is to their perfection as for me none
  12. kristiano

    yeah definitely

    yeah definitely
  13. kristiano

    well it's just normal. someone who is having high expectations it's hard you convince him or her

    well it's just normal. someone who is having high expectations it's hard you convince him or her
  14. kristiano


    hey hey
  15. kristiano

    Untold truth

    well exactly that's the point the world is going where every thing is either invitation or you are the one who is holding the event... funny generation are becoming so choosy and in real sense there is a lot which has to be uncovered in life.... people have become money lovers and are only...
  16. kristiano

    Science and Technology

    yeah artificial intelligence has taken a great part of our day in activities to sum. it up its been used as a tool.... just like the old nugget says.......FIRE CAN BE A GOOD SERVANT IF HANDLED CORRECTLY AND A BAD MASTER IF NIT MANAGED PROPERLY..... well that's a day to day piece of advice we are...
  17. kristiano


    🤧😂😂😂🍂sa ataacha legacy ya machuma
  18. kristiano

    I thought ni scam manze kumbe ina work

    si kurahisi anyway struggle..... smile in pain
  19. kristiano


    definitely not cheap though things have turned out to be great for the maize famers looking down in Kenyan history the maize production has been depreciating since many of the people are moving to ready made foods or hotel I gues well the farmers are now in a merge to emback to maize farming due...
  20. kristiano


    😂😂😂😂🍂🤧good heavens now this is amazing sa imagine what would the next generation look like