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  1. Jimdog

    Tongue twister

    A BAREFOOT BOY A barefoot boy! I mark him at his play For May is here once more, and so is he His dusty trousers, rolled half to the knee And his bare ankles grimy, too, as they: Cross-hatching of the nettle, in array Of feverish stripes, hint vividly to me Of woody pathways winding endlessly...
  2. Jimdog

    Wicked chief

    There was once lived a wicked chief. Nobody liked him, because of his wickedness. He was wicked to old men and young women. By pretending to be kind he tried to be popular to young men who lived I that country. When the chief won over the young men, they all liked him. One day, the chief called...
  3. Jimdog


    One day a father wanted to move the table in the house. He could have done it on his own, but asked his 5-year old son to help him. The son carried 5% of the weight while his dad carried 95%. The boy really felt special, because he and his dad had done it together. God can change this world by...
  4. Jimdog


    What is the difference between a heater and a thermometer?
  5. Jimdog


    Drop your greetings and salutations when it's time, for now Good evening 🤗
  6. Jimdog

    What you want

    I just need a wife a house, a car that very high degree. I need a strong family a boy or a girl so long as their sum is four, I need a land beside my mansion acres and acres covered with maize and all those other beneficial and profitable crops when it comes to buying and selling. I need a good...
  7. Jimdog

    Benefits of trees

    Trees are essential things that one should plant and have around the compound and in various work places e.g hospitals, schools and other institutions. It has alot of advantages examples; 1. Supplying oxygen Trees in a compound bring about a comfort-zone because trees normally take in carbon...
  8. Jimdog


    My favorite artist abroad Lil tjay, as we wish him quick recovery sing along with me. "The way you kiss me😘🙃 I swear you are deep inside of me 😩❤️ girl your ride is so good🚗😊 so good, that pussy🥵 blow me awaay😝 And I've been thinking about your smile from morning for a while 😁 btw you twist your...
  9. Jimdog

    Benefits of prayer

    1. Receive favor in the hands of God and of men. 2.God exposes the wicked things and plans of the wicked people. 3.God will put into remembrance all good things that you have done and bring you to victory. 4.God will dismantle all the wicked things that are set to harm you...
  10. Jimdog

    Types of deaths

    Death has three types; on the level first is the normal death where one dies out of natural circumstances e.g diseases oppression, accidents and natural calamities like drought causing severe hunger and one dies and the thunderstorms striking directly on someone. Now on the second is the...
  11. Jimdog


    It's a special day unlike the rest which is set aside specifically for worshipping God for the protection and guidance through out the week. Many people prefer Sundays but some have their own days like Saturday, Friday, Monday and so in, all that matters is that are you keeping that day holy for...
  12. Jimdog


    It's sad for the Azimio that what they normally use as their weapons "the stones", today as they rallied in Mandera they were ambushed by angry citizens in the area. These comes after Polycarp Igathe termed some harsh and abusive words to the people directly linking the people of Mandera. Duale...
  13. Jimdog

    New day

    It's a 24hour journey we are starting again after burying yesterday to the past, so we rather call this one today. Ahaa waking up from Naivasha or let's say anywhere you are fresh in health happy by face just spit out that word thankyou to the creator. You are alive am alive and that's why we...
  14. Jimdog

    Weekend drama

    You don't wanna miss out in this it's a hell of a weekend we have the annual racing of cars starting last year and it's now the second time and watch out. If we don't meet in church pray for me am with someone's daughter watching cars and having fun byeee😂🙏 let's meet next month.
  15. Jimdog

    A modern house

    Am at the verge of building myself a new modern house but am scared to start what if it doesn't match with my taste. What if at the moment it's done with it'll be outdated in the structure and color and the other stuff. What if I just buy an already built house, what do you consider when it...
  16. Jimdog


    It's the most difficult time in everybody's life now, the economy is at it's top and the normal citizens are pressed up. It's a moment where also everyday you'll hear of a raid that took place because everyone is trying to scratch anything up to find a living. The normal maize price which is 100...
  17. Jimdog


    It's high time we note the changes we really need and the ones we want. The dressing code nowadays is very disturbing you can't go to town and miss to wild out your eyes to some very attractive naked women and men. The rugged clothes are being a very big concern we need to consider some factors...
  18. Jimdog

    Kenya Kwanza Initiative

    It's already celebration in the Kenya kwanza crew, even the opposition are tired of pushing further. On Sunday we messed up their joy and instead of letting us do our thing hired goons to injure us but do I say the celebration took place as planned and the attendance was just wow! It was a great...
  19. Jimdog


    I used wake up every morning and sleep again as usual until that day, a game changer day I decided to change my mentality and sleep with let's say a hundred shillings in my ownership. Then days turned to weeks, weeks to months, months to years. I decided to make another choice to build a new...
  20. Jimdog


    It takes twenty four hours to call it a day, seven days to call it a week. Three hundred and sixty five days to call it a years, five years to another election and eighteen years to be called an adult. Did you know that the first nine months of your life are one of the hardest and unpredictable...