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  1. Hillah


    Wow, I have two daughters to teach this
  2. Hillah

    Get that?

    Ukweli mtupu
  3. Hillah

    Starting a business

    Word 💯
  4. Hillah

    About teaching 🥇📚

    For secondary school remember
  5. Hillah

    About teaching 🥇📚

    Guys which the best and marketable sciences teaching combination here in Kenya
  6. Hillah


    Jimdog this is very helpful information, thanks.
  7. Hillah

    New place, new job!!!!

    Guys, what do you do when you get a job at a different town from your home? How do you cope??
  8. Hillah


    Like which ones?
  9. Hillah


    What the best business to start now in the coastal region. Ideas please. Sometimes waiting for the salary is stressing
  10. Hillah

    It's puzzling...

    I wonder too🙉🤷
  11. Hillah

    Bei ya unga joh....🙉🙉🙉

    How much is unga wa sima retailing in your area. Sisi kwetu ni 200 - 2kg
  12. Hillah

    I thought ni scam manze kumbe ina work

    We are talking about #KenyanList . Or you don't know Kama inalipa ? Every daily login is 1bob. And every post is 1 Bob too. And you can withdraw from 5 bob
  13. Hillah

    Ten facts you should know

    Wow, mwanzo no. 10... Didn't realize
  14. Hillah

    Monday blue's

    Hello, good morning all of you. I wish you a good day and a great week ahead.
  15. Hillah

    Now you know👍🤔

    Yes, that's true
  16. Hillah

    I thought ni scam manze kumbe ina work

    Yes, it's real guys
  17. Hillah

    Mothers in the 🏠....

    Yes, that's a mother's Love 💙
  18. Hillah

    If you know........

    How many understand this magical language 😂
  19. Screenshot_20220611-162523.png


  20. Hillah

    Mothers in the 🏠....

    Wow, that's awesome