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    Admin here’s a tip

    Hello Victory nice catch. Working on it right away. & thanks for the feedback.
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    JEREMIAH KIONI, MP Ndaragwa, gives RAILA ODINGA good news about his support in Mt Kenya.

    Ndaragwa MP, Jeremiah Kioni, was among thousands of mourners who attended the burial of Homabay Senator Moses Kajwang‘s father, Mzee Ajwang, at his Waondo home, Suba North Constituency on Friday. Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was also among the mourners who attended the highly publicised...
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    News US Issues Level 3 Travel Advisory for Kenya over COVID-19 Fears

    The US has warned its citizens against traveling to Kenya over the risk of contracting COVID-19. The State Department issued a "Level 3: Reconsider Travel" advisory for Kenya on Tuesday, based on a parallel warning from the US Centers for Disease Control. “The Centers for Disease Control and...
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    Jimmy Wanderi.jpg

    James 'Jimmy' Wanderi Founder: KenyanList.com
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    New member

    Hello Williams Ndaba , welcome to the forum. This is a general discussion platform. You can share anything from simple daily thoughts, quotes, photos, memes & videos. Just to keep other members engaged and the platform lively. To spice it up 😎, we decided to reward users for all these...
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    Hey Morio002, ndio tunafanyia kazi 👨‍🔧👨‍🏭. Almost done
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    A feedback and suggestions section

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    Fibonacci Sequence

    Also known as the 'Golden Ratio'
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    Hello every one

    Nimeiona 😁😁. Founders lazma wapewe.
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    Jimmy Wanderi

    Glad to see members like you Starks finding their way back. 2015 was indeed a sad year for Listers. The site went under with it's Founder. However, with time, effort and support from the old members, we've been able to revive this place. The forum is still young but we are settling down quite...
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    Admin K.Coins ni nini?

    Kui K.Coins is KenyanList's form of currency. They are earned when you: Post a Thread Comment on a Thread Everytime you Log In e.t.c. We are still working on how K.Coins can be used in the KenyanList Kiosk (Store) to purchase items or how Users can successfully Redeem them for real cash. Keep...
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    Admin behind the scenes

    :LOL: I'm not like this
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    Let's make it worthwhile and interesting

    Don't forget to spread the word. Help grow the community :)
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    Let's make it worthwhile and interesting

    Nice to see see you @Elvis & @Eve
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    Featured Glad to see that the village is back

    It sure is @Pato. Welcome back. We are still working on several functionalities. Feel free to recommend improvements.
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    Biden's got it @sulwe