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    Choose Peace

    The cost of instability Africa's 3rd largest country Sudan air space is no longer safe for civilan aircrafts then this happens . Airlines are taking longer route from Europe and America's. Ethiopian Airline being next door with over 64 destinations outside Africa is bearing the brunt . That...
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    We are collapsing

    Leader of Minority @OpiyoWandayi warns of an impending collapse of Gov't occasioned by KRA officials collecting taxes and diverting to their own pockets. Bwana, there's no country here.
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    Biggest man made lake in Africa

    Egypt is an artificial river in the desert to reclaim 2.8 million acres, which is said to account for 30% of fertile land in the country. How is Kenyans reaction to this ama Galana inatosha mboga???
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    Samuel Eto’o

    Samuel Eto’o announces his candidacy for the presidency of the Cameroon football federation