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  1. Rayla11


    Is there anyone willing to share their Netflix account with me? 😂
  2. Rayla11

    Snow white

    Mirror mirror on the wall...........???
  3. Rayla11

    Looking for a job

    Any legit online business available?
  4. Rayla11


    Really, what's it about?
  5. Rayla11

    So true. For me, i require peace

    So true. For me, i require peace
  6. Rayla11


    Name the series you fell in love with. For me, Vampire Diaries
  7. Rayla11

    I thought ni scam manze kumbe ina work

    Hey can you enlighten me about this non scam online work?
  8. Rayla11

    Good morning

    Thank you
  9. Rayla11

    Zee world

    If you watch zee world, shout out the soap opera you're following. For me Meet in love 😍😍 and My heart knows
  10. Rayla11

    Fat tummy

    I will 😘
  11. Rayla11


    Any hopes for me?🥺
  12. Rayla11

    Fat tummy

    Thank you🥰 I'll try that out
  13. Rayla11

    Fat tummy

    How do i reduce my flat tummy guys? Help a sis here
  14. Rayla11


  15. Rayla11


    Na si ukijua you'll tell me please 😂
  16. Rayla11

    Love 💓💓💓

    That's so sad🥺 wish you the best in future
  17. Rayla11


    It's a series comedy
  18. Rayla11


    Who is the father of Rachel's baby in F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  19. Rayla11


    Why say so?
  20. Rayla11


    Was once told not going to church is not being religious. Is that true?