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    Good evening too
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    The third is captivating
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    No one like you LORD

    It's a diversified world because one you'll meet people of different communities and origins then after meeting them you get to see similarities one by one until they match completely. But God has no similar personality we are just told that human nature we are made in the image and likeness of...
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    🇭 🇦 🇵 🇵 🇾  🇸 🇺 🇳 🇩 🇦 🇾 

    Have a splendid Sunday even though the wishes have come late
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    It's the faith and trust that makes you other those words that God Lord from your royal seat just look into my heart do nothing but just spread out your blessings and rain it on me because I say this with sincerity and total humility in my heart.
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    Connecting to God

    Sin is like a red and dark spot on a white cloth, Jesus dying on the cross helped wipe out and clean the spot but then with the analogy of the white cloth. The spot doesn't go away totally so we need to wash it more oftenly to eradicate that spot completely and that's why repenting is said to be...
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    10000 reasons to be thankful to God

    I got a billion and so on and so forth but the question remains why do you have and want many reasons and still not say even thankyou for any⁉️ The Lord wants nothing from us other than that gratitude and Thanksgiving
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    Trusting in the lord

    I like motivations like this that have summarized lessons with them at the wee end of them. The intertwingle with the Christian life is just wow.
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    His been faithful

    I trust you oo Lord because of everytime I have put my trust in you, you have never failed me whatsoever.
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    I can't use the same analogy as you because I will end up saying to you that my village is full of pagans so I'd rather tell and try to defend them that most of the churches have been affected by the small cheeky politics plus most people nowadays go there to avoid reality and share the week's...
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    Nokia C30 from Mkopa

    Just saw the features of the phone and wuuuueh Nokia is really doing renovation and inventions to shape up the future. The earphones can't lie are just what one needs to put on and meditate listening to the banger hits.
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    Children and parents

    Let's not disobey their teaching let's not hate on their actions but let's take each and every bit of their teachings and build up a foundation from them and remember respect is a two way traffic road, how you relate with me will highly show how I will treat you on the next phase of return.
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    Hapo sawa

    Happy one
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    Luwi Haussa

    Bro you are at your last ends😂 A bro shouldn't comment on another broooo💔 let the women do for us let's comment on the women
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    Sultana Citizen TV

    Munafuatilianga chini ya maji wakuu😂
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    Na hii economy pongezi, anza biashara sasa usisahau furniture ni ya kujenga. Ukipata hio pesa anza na kujijenga😩😂
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    Health and nutrition

    I feel most of the Kenyans especially tiktokers go through alot just to air those videos and get us entertained some even are not paid. Like the way money is dragging us nowadays I can't explain by words because we've totally become it's slaves. The Bible says that money is the root of all evil...
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    Huyu jamaa niyupi amekula hivi

    😂😂😂😂 You didn't have to go that far to show how our current president is greedy for the various government resources and institutions like Kenyatta. Anyway it's a perfect design to show how much he's benefited and put in for himself
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    Wajakoya the fifth

    Sema Wajackoya tu ukiwa Jamaica lakini sema Hustler ukiwa Kenya.
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    Blessed Sunday to you too brethren