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  1. sexagon


    Nairobi shamba ya mawe
  2. sexagon

    The most underrated position

  3. sexagon

    There is no God

    I’m an atheist but damn nikka. Of all the points you could’ve used, you brought up child rape?
  4. sexagon

    Think twice if you want to be a drug dealer in Mexico (Viewer Discretion)

    Think twice if you want to be a drug dealer in Mexico. He was only 16 years old. WARNING: Contains graphic images. Viewer discretion is advised.
  5. sexagon


    Crypto is a new phenomenon in Kenya. I'm also of the opinion that guys who invested during the early stages of cryptocurrency inception are the ones benefiting today. Now we have a lot of Cryptocurrencies around you don't know which to trade/invest in.
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  9. sexagon


    Greetings baba
  10. sexagon


    April is already here. Looming food shortage if the rains delay any further.
  11. sexagon

    Mwanaume au mwanamke?

  12. sexagon

    Huyu mdem alistab watu na akakunywa damu yao

  13. sexagon

    What's the colour of this dress?

    I see gold and white
  14. sexagon

    Fun times😁😁

    Hahahaha always be happy
  15. sexagon

    Friday is here again

  16. sexagon

    Wtf 😒 always be on the look out

    Ile kitu inamiuma ni ati msichana mrembo kama huyu anakubali kutumiwa kama tissue. 😡😡 Angekuja tu nimgeuze bibi
  17. sexagon

    Enemy of progress 😁

    Hahahaha ukue umechora hadi vile uta tap that ass halafu waiter afute number. Kofi mara hiyo
  18. sexagon

    Wengine ata wakipewa nyuma hawawezi tulia 😁

    Haha jamaa kapatiwa hadi mkun** na bado katanga tanga nje.
  19. sexagon

    Mali Swafi