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  1. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Olympics 2021

    Friday 23 July, 2021 and ends on Sunday 8 August, 2021
  2. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    WWE's Undertaker retiring

    This will be the 3rd time. Undertaker retires June 22, 2020 Undertaker retired April 2017 Undertaker retired June 2014 WWE are in trouble tho. Funs are switching to AEW
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    Marriage VS Politics

    Wisdom! Thank you kpl, this is spot on and knowledge that most people should have... but they sadly don’t.
  4. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Goons in uniform

    There is only one way to deal with authority in developing countries. Bribing. Don’t try that shit in the west, but here, you will get away with anything. There are happy, you are happy.
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    Huko hatuendangi😁

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Kenyans!
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    Masuda Iwafune

    "Masuda's Stone Boat" 800 Ton Basalt Boulder Period: 250 AD.
  7. themostunderwhelmedkenyan

    Masuda Iwafune

    "Masuda's Stone Boat" 800 Ton Basalt Boulder Period: 250 AD
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    Tree of Life
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    She just needed to cool off...
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    Das right 😂
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    Wemens.....bwana wa wenyewe no go....

    The man likes big vehicles...
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    Admin K.Coins ni nini?

    Now that's innovative thinking. From the homeland that brought the world M-Pesa! May K.Coins grow to the likes of Bitcoins.
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    Uhuru Comes to the Rescue of 100-Year-Old Mugumo Tree Located in Westlands, Nairobi

    Back in the day (2004) we used to ride our bikes there... tiny roundabout we called it. Memories.
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    One of my all-time favourites.
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    Glad to see that the village is back

    This is HOME. Original Gangsters.
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    Chasing the rainbow

    Chasing the rainbow
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    Déjà vu

    The strange feeling that in some way you have already experienced what is happening now.