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    Naona Villagers finding their way back.

    Lets take this place back to where it belongs.
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    Have a Blessed Day People

    Have a Blessed Day People
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    Hello every one

    Admin umeona hii request? Naona pioneers wapewe cheo hehe
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    Kama tuko pamoja sema ahem😁

    Imenikumbusha ingine ya 'If you see her parents dancing too much at the wedding just know she has a kid at home'
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    Kama tuko pamoja sema ahem😁

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    Jimmy Wanderi

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    Starter pack ya madingo Nairobi....ukiona mtu amevaa I combi kaa rada😁

    Hapo kwa ma pete na t shirt ya vybz ogopa hehehhh
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    GSU Lorry has run into an IED at Jabibar area

    9 police officers got injured three in critical condition.
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    GSU Lorry has run into an IED at Jabibar area

    The place is within Rhamu Sub County, approximately 25KM from Rhamu Town.
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    Surveillance drone lands in Eldas, Wajir County, Northeast Kenya

    It is not clear who owns the drones or what they were doing in the area. The photos were taken by a local youth this afternoon
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    Dj Shiti

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    If you know you kno

    Baba yao ako hapa
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    Detectives attached to the SERIOUS Crimes Unit this morning ARRESTED a fairly handsome, medium built young man following a spate of disappearances of young college girls from their homes. 21 year-old Rashid Barasa Omari's online profile showed that he was capable of SPONSORING his victims to...
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    SHAH Hospital says NO to COVID-19 'Dirty money'

    MP Shah Hospital says they will not take any CASH payments from 1st Dec 2020 onwards. The hospital has said they were forced to take this decision after considerable research and deliberations as to the storage and journey of cash from their prospective customers. Many of their customers hide...
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    A woman has reportedly bitten off the penis of an alleged rapist at Abompey area.

    According to her statement to the police, she was asked "to suck his p*nis. With fear, she obliged and started to suck the p*nis and in the process, she bit off his penis". The police have retrieved the cut off organ from the crime scene and deposited it at the hospital for preservation.
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    Let's make it worthwhile and interesting

    I hope this will be a constructive forum like it used to be in the old days.