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    General knowledge

    In 1988, Michael Jackson dropped "Dirty Diana" from a London concert setlist out of consideration for Princess Diana, who was going to be in the audience Princess Diana heard about his decision and actually asked him to perform the song because it was one of her favorites. #entertainment
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    People with great imaginations are cursed because they can imagine horrible things.
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    “The timing will never be perfect for you to pursue your dream, so you might as well start now.”
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    General Knowledge

    when a person lies, they experience an increase in temperature around the nose this is known as the “pinocchio effect
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    The Maasai

    The Maasai Of Kenya And Tanzania The red-clan Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania is synonymous with the Great Plains and savannahs of Africa. They are renowned warriors and pastoralists who for hundreds of years roamed the wild of East Africa. Maasinta, the first Maasai, received a gift of cattle...
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    Elections 2022