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  1. Jimdog

    Anyone with online business idea

    Tuokoleane bana
  2. Jimdog


    It's Sunday again happy Sunday man
  3. Jimdog


    After wiki moja nakuja na reply ya wiki😂
  4. Jimdog


    Happy Sunday too
  5. Jimdog


    Ni after wiki moja lakini si Sunday ni Sunday tu mkuu😂
  6. Jimdog


    Happy Sunday too
  7. Jimdog


    This time mazee tuchangamke hatuwezi umia tena the next five years. Tuchange hizi vitu bana hustler ameamua kuja kutuokoa bana apunguze bei za vitu na acreate majob opportunities.
  8. Jimdog


    Shida yetu ya uchumi na unga umeshindwa hata hizo stori za Ukraine banaa😂 uzuri tunaumia lakini hatukufi
  9. Jimdog

    Somebody to clarify.

    Economy moves with the cost of living of which goes hand in hand with the standards of living in the country. The summary shows how life is like now the cost of living is very high plus the economy is on heat, now the unableness of purchasing goods shows our standards of living
  10. Jimdog

    Blessed evening beloved

    May God grant you more life of happiness and full of His blessings. But before you sleep and after you wake up make sure you say that thankyou and chant a small protection prayer
  11. Jimdog


    That will be another dream kwanza venye ameeka man u kwa moyo kama huyo Bruno Fernandes
  12. Jimdog


    Unatumianga app gani kuplace;odibets ama betika
  13. Jimdog


    How about I hook you up with some people actually trials but some are sure. They don't charge anything btw it's just a group that people send their summarized tips
  14. Jimdog


    Lyrics on my mouth like am drake
  15. Jimdog


    Let's not mix politics with anything because we will pay for it severely
  16. Jimdog

    An Idea

    😂😂😂 What an idea,, kwanza tunaanza na Mandera na Wajir hukoo kwanza
  17. Jimdog

    General conversation

    Good day
  18. Jimdog


    Where are you from we can hook up and start it together as partners
  19. Jimdog


    Tell me about the idea
  20. Jimdog

    Online Jobs

    Yea there are real legit online business, jaribu remotasks, forex.