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  1. sylveki1759

    Painful truth

    Some people have turned it to a game sort of because you try as much as you can to be faithful to them and what you get back is nothing but disappointment. Guys you need to style up otherwise this world will be full of singles.
  2. sylveki1759

    Sports pay

    If today was 27 years ago, I would have a different focus towards life. Of late a guy who is committed to sports and dedicates their energy towards sports is reaping huge. These guys are only spent like five years in sports and from there they are millionaires of all time. Think about it.
  3. sylveki1759


    Since I started and learned to listen to music back in early 80s, the music platform has changed so. During the yester years music was well compost, sung and you could hear each and every musical instrument. The message was very clear and quite educative. Nower days music has just become another...
  4. sylveki1759


    Can someone please help me create a blog account
  5. sylveki1759


    Which of the four presidential aspirant's manifesto do you think is best?
  6. sylveki1759


    Can someone find me a job because I'm jobless for now.
  7. sylveki1759


    What is the outcome of Kenya vs Egypt on FIBA basketball tournament.?
  8. sylveki1759


    What do you think we as youths can do to change the leadership in this lovely country called Kenya.
  9. sylveki1759


  10. sylveki1759


    The world is just but a name, the world is just you and me.
  11. sylveki1759


    How much do you hold to your faith?
  12. sylveki1759

    Physical fitness

    Cycling is one of the best way to keep our bodies physically fit.
  13. sylveki1759

    International Jobs

    I believe that joblessness has become a major crisis internationally.
  14. sylveki1759

    Kenyan Youths

    It's only us Kenyan Youths that will change the Kenyan economy.
  15. sylveki1759

    2022 General Elections

    What's your take on this year's Kenya's General Elections?
  16. sylveki1759


    Do you think Wajackoya's ideas can change Kenya?
  17. sylveki1759

    The president

    B. Raila
  18. sylveki1759


    What is your favorite movie this year so far.
  19. sylveki1759


    We should be the mirror in society because this good morals are the ones that define is.
  20. sylveki1759


    Do you believe that God is one?