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A 32-year-old man, Victor Otieno Siang'ani, has found his father, Jacob Otieno Odhiambo in the most unbelievable way.


This has happened many years after his grandmother, who brought him up, told him that his father died when he was young.

On February 4, 2020, he noticed that a man had liked his post on Facebook. After keenly looking at him, he noticed that they resemble each other. After a few interactions on the social media platform, Jacob opened up to his son and told him that he was his father. He correctly identified his mother and the hospital where he was born.

Victor's mother gave birth to him in 1988 when she was a class eight candidate. After two weeks, Mama Victor left her newborn son under the care of her mother (Victor's grandmother). After completing her exams, she moved to Nairobi and started working as a tailor. Victor said that her mother died in 1997.

Victor explained that he is happy to have met his dad and now knows he has a home, his father's home.