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K.u. At It Again. Burning Down A Computer Lab...idiots | WAITINA

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K.u. At It Again. Burning Down A Computer Lab...idiots | WAITINA


›› the game 30-Mar-2009, reply_126009
......talk of kukunia on your plate.​

›› jexx 30-Mar-2009, reply_126019
Sometimes its justified to do so even if the outcome will be terribly worse. Must be in campus to realize this!Sometimes the admin jst snobs the studiz completely n the only way out it to do mayhem!!​

›› wanito 30-Mar-2009, reply_126021
last Sato,i was at Cooperative Bank Githurai, i over heard some of the student saying tht thy will make sure tht thy wont do the exams ths monday.thy had gone to the Bank to pay kshs1,000 to pay for the damages from the previous strike.

but i blame the education system inths country where one is tested bo be a failure just by passing the exams,i think the government must change the strategy.​

›› ghost 30-Mar-2009, reply_126022
Why don't they not burn their homes?​

›› Chatsupuu 30-Mar-2009, reply_126024
@ the game you are right, these are really silly idiots!
@Jexx, you need to outgrow them, can you burn the office you work in, ama bado una tarmack
@ wanito, I too know some idiots and nincompops in the KU regular programmes who cant do a simple essay in lexically correct language, real shaos are the one who burn colleges!
Consider that the first time some of those idiots watch TV is in colle, no wonder!​

›› Taimaksky 30-Mar-2009, reply_126029
Terrible turn of events! they just report for 2 days and this is what happens? the era of burning and confrontations is long gone,can you imagine when they will clear colle,tarmack,get jobs and kids? eti haki yao my foot!​

›› Admiral Joseph 30-Mar-2009, reply_126047
and am soooo disapointed that the police didnt use live bullets on this hooligans!! some of them had their parents buying them these chances..and they turn to hooligans........some have their families going to bed hungry so that they can go to campus, .....WHAT A SHAME.....​

›› Mswwatti 30-Mar-2009, reply_126114
And they expect me to employ them after graduating ?So that they can burn down my premises..
These idiots shd grow up en stop behaving like High school students.Some of us Klisters have been there but we didnt burn dwn anything..​

›› Bemupamlume 30-Mar-2009, reply_126136

Its high time we interrrogate the Quality of our degrees
These guys after doing this, they use any means of cheating available to them and then they come out with a 1st class you think they are bright!

This will look absurd but I think Parents have everything to do with this.
C hildren dont have parental touch anymore and by the time you think you can advice your kids, their minds have already been corrupted by peers and you cant do anything.

How do you expect to take a kid to KG at 1.5 yrs where he will be spending the whole day without your guidance and expect to change him at adolescence?

I think Parents have to change.​

›› jakenya 30-Mar-2009, reply_126211

›› Sovereign 31-Mar-2009, reply_126229
THESE ARE THUGS!! These are not students. It's a shame that the so called "intelligent" members of the society can cause so much damage to THEIR school. As someone mentioned above, these suckers' relatives are going hungry so that their sons and daughters can build a better foundation. What a waste of brains! I'm sure it's just a small bunch of fools that screwed up for everyone else. And when they don't get jobs they'll start complaining- I swear if any of these fools ever submitted a job application to me, I'd shred it in their eyes. One last thing- why didn't the cops shoot them all? What they did was so barbaric. I don't see a future in them- their reasoning is not better that for high school teens. The college admin may have done things the wrong way, but that's not a excuse to maliciously damage property. Arghhh I'm so pissed off...​

›› Bemupamlume 31-Mar-2009, reply_126263

@Sovereign you are so angry, angry like me, but you cant go to the extent of advocating for Extra judicial Killings. The people shot sometimes are not even the causers of mayhem but the ones which were reached by the police..............too bad.​

›› wanito 31-Mar-2009, reply_126273
hope th game is reading all these​

›› Annah 04-Apr-2009, reply_127210
so what!...........some people can never undersatand...you can go on abusing us for our behaviour....who cares? you are the kind of guys who just watch your leaders as they humiliate you.... eti Thugs...idiots...silly idiots..wont abuse you but let you know we dont care at all.....dont bother employn us we will be the ones employing you...burning the school or not aint your business...​