• How Credits (KCr.) are Awarded.

    Performing different actions will help you earn credits which can be claimed as airtime or cash.

    You can find the complete list here.

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GetI mistakenly sent someone ksh 1000 through Mpesa.. in fact should I say I sent ksh 1000 to a wrong number. After realizing this, I calmed down and sent him/her this text message: "Hello Dear, I hope you got the membership welcome fee of ksh 1000 to our Satanism Church. We are glad and looking forward to having you with us.
That is just the beginning of the richest life you are about to start living. We hope you are as excited to be joining our church as we are. As I just said, that is a welcome salary. We are having a meeting tonight whereby we will slaughter 3 people in celebration of the start of this month. Please invite over any female person you may be close to. Let's meet tonight at 8pm at YOUR PLACE.
If you haven't shown any interest in our church and you believe this is a mistake, kindly send the money back to this number otherwise welcome to our Church. See you tonight."
10 Minutes later, I got a message saying send another ksh 1000 my friend is also interested'.
I fainted.. 😂😂😂😂😂