News Omosh's sister, Ms. Naomi Kamau aka Allison of Mother In-law, speaks out.


Four months ago, when Kenyans accused Omosh's family of neglecting him, his sister Ms. Naomi Kamau aka Allison of Mother In-law, and Shamba Shape-Up said she knew her brother more than anyone else.

"Before you start crucifying us online as a family for neglecting our brother, reach out and get our side of the story, no sane human being can neglect his or her blood relation, Omosh is our brother and we love and care, we've done everything humanly possible to stand with our brother and we'll still do over the years, come sit us down we reason together, I'll stop it at that coz these are issues we don't want to share with the media, we're a family and we'll try to sort our shit", Naomi.