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Safety first when attending that interview

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Safety first when attending that interview



The experience of looking for a job is one every job seeker would want to forget as soon as possible. It is usually a daunting period that can be time consuming, expensive and even unnerving.

This is the reason perhaps why when most people are invited to an interview they throw caution to the wind and hardly ponder about their safety during the interview.

Desperate to secure a job, one can easily compromise on their safety. Cases of harassment and intimidation abound during interviews. So next time you get an invitation to attend one, it is advisable to take caution if in doubt.

Indeed, both men and women can be at risk. So always read the early signs that may hint at a possible risk or exploitation.

For instance, the harm caused by sexual or any other form of harassment can be extreme, including humiliation and loss of self-esteem. The damage can also be psychological and physical, destroying your professional reputation and career.

Those people who compromise on their safety during interviews face the hard choice between the job and their self-esteem or their own safety. However, the choice is yours.

It is critical that you first establish where the interview will take place. Most reputable organizations and institutions will conduct such interviews within the firm.

However, be wary of interviews that take place in private residences or an individual’s hotel. These are questionable venues for interviews.

It is upon you to use your discretion to determine whether where the interview is taking place is safe.

Some restaurants and hotel lobbies can be ideal places. When the room is private, ensure it is not far away from public places or view.

Be keen to discern interviewers who may look suspicious. If the would be employer suggests you meet at a place you feel uncomfortable with, do not hesitate to make your feelings known. However, do so politely. You can request the interviewer to arrange an alternative location.

In case you are invited for an interview over a meal or a drink, be cautious. Although at times it may be out of good faith, occasionally it may be up to no good. For example, drinking alcohol at an interview venue is improper. So politely decline such offers.

Be assertive and if pressure persists, discuss the issue with the relevant people within the organization. However, the best way is to take sensible precautions. Most people already do this when they are invited for interviews, although some do not. Always be safe.