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My Visit to a Mganga from Tanga

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My Visit to a Mganga from Tanga

In my last story of giant, I told you that I was determined to find a solution to lasting longer than 9 secs (Mrs Mbugua's encounter was 5 secs) and climbing above 3 jotis. After having failed to get a generator from Mchingchong, my next search for a good solution was at "Mganga wa Tanga".

I was swinging bells in Ngara when I found one of those mnganga posters. Among the million solutions listed, was "Nguvu sa kiume". I called the number and the mganga responded. He directed me to his base, behind Family bank ngara. He telled me to take the route that removes you to Kariokor and in 50 miters, I beat corner, beat again until bra bras and when I reach there, I call him he will pick me.

I asked how much was the cost. He saided its free but might need to appease the ancestors with anything I wished. I asked how much they like. He saided even 500 bob.

Although those are the kind of people I would shake bells meeting, my determination to cross from River road to Nairobi of up made me go to those miles. Again, this is not a place you would want anyone to know that you have ever visited. So, I bought a cap to hide face just incase someone saw me entering at mgangas. It is me until near that building he directed me to and called him.

A smartly dressed young man of like 25 years appeared and asked if was the one calling. I saided yes. He telled me to follow him until a shanty behind that building. In my head, I had an image of mganga registered as old shaggy thing wazees based on thos Oga movies/ So, I filled for myself that that must be the nganga's errand boy.

Inside two roomed mabati shanty, I was given a seat and the boy walked out. In the other room, I could hear song called my brother by Demathew playing. I refused to know how mganga of Tanga loves Kikuyu songs. Head telled me that maybe the other room was of another tenant.

He returned and asked me to go buy a chicken for sacrifice and on my way back, I pick 3 stones. I asked where. He telled me near the road. I telled him or he go buy I give him the cash. He saided ok, I give him 600 bob.

When he returned with the chicken, he telled me for stones, I must pick myself.

Outside the 'shrine' is those garage. I removed out and prayed that let no one who knows me sees me there.
As I was okotaring stones, with vagina of my eyes, I could see those mechanics looking at me with mercy. In their head, filling for themselves that I have gone to be made rich and feeling mercy for me because if it was true the wangangas make people rich, they would be the first to be rich.

I returned at the "shine" waiting for mganga. The same boy who picked me sat on the carpet and telled me to remove shoes and sit as well, legs folded. He was the mnganga. Between me and him, there4 were assorted paraphernalia and a pot that can cook githeri of 10 people.

He asked me for my name. I had heard that you dont need to tell mganga of Tanga your name, he will know through his powers. so, I refused to know, if the guy was to give me supernatural powers of making me climb plus 3 jotis and lasting as long as I want, why does he not use the powers to know my name. I saided I test his satan and know if he will know if i lied. I telled him I am called Kabia Mwaniki. He telled me to throw something for wangwana on the mat so that we could begin the ritual. I threw 500 bob.

He took the chicken and in a split of a sec, he removed its head and as it struggled to die, she saided a few words to praise wangwana.

He then asked me what I would like the ancestors do for me. Head telled me that instead of asking to be made to climb 3 jotis in order to please Mrs Mbugua of Faiba my could be sponsor, I saided let me ask for riches myself. I telled him I want to be rich.

He took those his paraphernalia and started to summon Wangwana. " Punjab Waititum murkha che!!. Tame chokaro mbai omchanti che bai, ke je grahaka seva apava jai mumbai calkata bhai" and such stuff

Small, the house was shaking, its like people were beating that shanty from outside. He telled me that thats how wangwana enters when they leave the indian ocean.

Small, the wangwana started to talk inside the pot. Although I had some doubt s about the mganga boy, I started to believe he was a true mganga. He had earlier telled me that he was left power of uganga by his father who died years back. I was scared like hell. "Kabia Mwaniki, utatupatia niniii iri tukupatie utajiri. sisi kama wangwana twataka Ngome mbiri, moja ya rangi wa bleki, ingine ya kijano kibishi, kuku mia moja, mbusi saba, na shillingi elfu thalathini. Oya, sisi ni wangwana kutoka bahali ya hinduuu"

The mganga telled me to respond. The accent to wangwanas was refusing to inginana. They were struggling to talk like Swahilis. In my head, I saided maybe they were tring to talk in simple simple swahili so that I could also catch. I saided ok. I regretted why I had lied my name because even wangwanas were now calling me a name that was not mine.

The wangwanas asked me when I will deliver. I saided I go arrange myself. The Mganga wa Tanga telled me I give a date because they are usually very busy and summoning them from the sea is not easy.
After they were released to gho back to the "sea", mganga wrote me a note with all the requirements and telled me if I cant be able to find those things, wangwanas can take 200k in cash. He asked me to go even if it is to sell one of my shops or my car, or even land because I will buy many more after selling.

In the evening, as we were drinking dogogio at Land Mawe and drawing where to get 200k, Theuri looked at a guy and saided , nimuona kamundu karia gaikaire haria, mutigakarore thaa ici, karorei na njaro arafu ningumuira uhoro wako" (You see that dude over there, don't look now, I will tell you something about him).

On looking at him, I remembered it is the mganga from Tanga. I refused to know if Theuri knows the guy and if he was also in the process of becoming rich of the surrounding. But I refused to know how he refers to him as kamundu.

Once everyone finished satisfying him eyes, he saided "kamundu kairia Getaguo Kimani, nitumiganga turia fake. Kariaga atima ene ata mani. Kandikituo ni muhindi tene gakimenyea kihindi, riu karageria ateja ako a uganga kihindi makaingira box ta ngoma. Gwako kuriaguo nguku daily alafu niga supply kanene ka nguku iria karehagiruo ni wateja ako. (He is called Kimani and he is a fake mganga. He climbs PMs of owners like lack of importance. He was once employed as one of those Indian shops and in his little stay, he learnt Indian . He inserts his clients of Uganga box by talking Indian. He eats chicken daily and he also supplies many establishments with chiken he receives from client of uganga.)

He then telled us how he places a pot connected to a pipe that extends to the other room. The wangwanas are guys in another room that talk through the pipe. The voice then removes on the pot and people think it is wanganga. I stated to fill for myself the Demathew's song I was hearing.

To muffle the sound from the other room, the wangwanas comes like a thunder and violently. Thats explains the beating of the wall of that shrine.

I did not tell him I had gone. I timed when the mganga boy was going to the latrine and followed him. I tapped him on his back and telled him that my name is Onjohi and I am very bad and if he values peace, he returns 1,100. He quietly gave me 1,100 and when we returned to the table, asked for a round on our table. We then laughed and laughed and laughed.

This looking for solutioni of my pouring in 9 seconds will show me news.