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The Maasai

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The Maasai

Larry Wrld

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The Maasai Of Kenya And Tanzania

The red-clan Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania is synonymous with the Great Plains and savannahs of Africa. They are renowned warriors and pastoralists who for hundreds of years roamed the wild of East Africa.

Maasinta, the first Maasai, received a gift of cattle from Ngai – the sky god - who lowered them to earth on a leather thong. Since that time, cattle have been viewed as sacred and their value is rivaled only by the value of their children, indeed, a large herd and a large family are the marks of a truly successful Maasai.

The savannah land that makes up the famous parks of Ngorongoro, Amboseli, Serengeti, the Masai Mara, and Tsavo was all once the nomadic range of the Maasai people.

Despite the pressures of the modern world, the Maasai have fought to preserve their way of life and as a result, any east African safari is awash with the sight of colorful Maasai, herding their cattle, walking along roads, or dancing the adumu.