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For unity of purpose and development in Bomet, Governor Isaac Ruto must come

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For unity of purpose and development in Bomet, Governor Isaac Ruto must come

Isaac RUTO has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is the most mature and true leader that strongly believes in how to improve Bomet County without balkanization, he sees all Bomet residents as Bometians with equal rights irrespective of their status or background or political affiliation.

The current governor has balkanized Bomet Residents as UDA members, CCM members amongst other,where those to be given leadership position must be the ones singing his tune irrespective of leadership qualities.

When Isaac was defeated in 2017 he accepted the will of the people, and he instructed the mp and MCA's who were elected in his CCM party to work with the government of the day without any antagonizing this proof his true leadership.
This is why when he says he strongly support his brother His Excellency Dr William Samoei for presidency he meant his words.

Barchok has been against all Bometians from coming in unity to support William RUTO remember in 10 February he was against the members of CCM to welcoming the deputy president, he has been against Isaac in attending thanks giving of Elected members of UDA,Barchok has been against some nominees of UDA namely TOTO,BRIGHTON, KILEL, FRANCIS AMONG OTHER to a point that it is alleged to have sponsored independent candidates.
Isaac has never undermine any elected leader or in any occasion telling members of the public to elect only CCM nominees but only insisting on electing best leaders and strongly believes in sovereignty and power of the people.

It is time that Bometians must arise to think about Bomet first without the influence of MURKOMEN and company who are the real beneficiaries of our Bomet resources, in BOMET it is claimed that any tender projects beyond 30 millions was given to those outside leaders strongly supporting Barchok.

The only hope of Bomet is Isaac