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Benefits Of Tendering Under AGPO Category

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Benefits Of Tendering Under AGPO Category


1. AGPO is a National certificate so you can tender in any part of the country

2. AGPO Tenderers do not compete with the established firms. We only compete against ourselves.

3. We are not subjected to audited accounts, proof of previous jobs, bid bonds or other tender securities.

4. Access to LPO/LSO/ invoice financing from some government agencies such as Women /youth/pwd funds

5. Tenders are unbundled/ splitted into small affordable amounts and divided amongst several bidders.

6. Prequalification for AGPO tenderers is done any time of the year, and sometimes we can still tender even in institutions that we are not shortlisted.

7. Right to information on tendering.
As an AGPO tenderer, you're allowed to walk into any institutions and request for more information regarding the tenders available, how they are done. You may also freely walk to PPRA and request all of the necessary information regarding tenders, including your rights as an AGPO tenderer.

8. Access to Public Procurement Regulatory Authority ( PPRA)- This is a body that was set aside to look into AGPO affairs such as fair allocation of tenders, prompt payments etc.

8. Request for extension of delivery time. You can always request to be added more time incase you win a tender and you're not in a position to supply over the stipulated time.

10. Agpo tenderers dont purchase tender documents as is the case with open tenders. We download them directly from the entity's websites.