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'It's Like a Movie': Malik Obama Likens 2020 US Elections to Kenya's 2013 Election

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'It's Like a Movie': Malik Obama Likens 2020 US Elections to Kenya's 2013 Election


Malik Obama, the half-brother of former US President Barack Obama has given his take on the 2020 American presidential election.

In a series of tweets, Malik likened the US election to Kenya’s 2013 presidential election that was marred by irregularities, adding that “it’s like a movie.”

Malik, a strong supporter of President Trump, further termed the events surrounding the US election as “completely crazy.”

"Elections 2020 in the USA is like elections 2013 in Kenya. I've never seen anything like this in the USA. It's like a movie. Completely crazy. Rigged," he tweeted.

He further questioned the delayed tallying of votes and the announcement of results in some states.

"When was it that all the votes had to be counted even if it took a week...or more? Fake votes. They are waiting so that they call it for "Sleepy Joe"," Malik lamented.

Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden won the election after he crossed the 270-point threshold needed to become the 46th President of the United States.

In his victory speech, Biden said he is seeking to unite the country amid the Covid-19 pandemic and an economic and social turmoil.

“I sought this office to restore the soul of America, and to make America respected around the world again and to unite us here at home,” Biden said.

“It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, to lower the temperature, to see each other again, to listen to each other again, to make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy.”

“We are not enemies. We are Americans.”

Incumbent President Trump, who has made repeated claims of electoral fraud, on Saturday accused Biden “rushing to falsely pose as the winner.”