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How To Make Corruption Soup with Impunity flavor

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How To Make Corruption Soup with Impunity flavor




3 large politicians - Uneducated, dumb and greedy.

2 Ministry officials - Freshly employed.

1 Huge Project - Unsliced for maximum gains.

1 Tender - Well advertised

3 Huge Companies - Freshly picked from the 'fictitious' list.

1 huge bunch of fellow tribesmen - Unemployed.

1 huge bowl of hard-earned taxpayers money


1) Prepare a pot to put the huge project in, then add the Tender. Stir until ready for advertisement.

2) Add the 3 Huge companies and wait to simmer for thirty days, then remove two of the three fictitious companies and throw them away. The remaining company is enough to flavour the bank accounts.

3) Pour in the three large politicians and 2 ministry officials while stirring to ensure they blend in well with the Tender. Continue stirring until you see the remaining company has held tightly to the tender.

4) Once the remaining company has emerged at the top of the bowl with the Tender, sprinkle the bowl of taxpayers money and stir so that the three large politicians and ministry officials get some of it.

5) Continue to simmer to avoid the production of bubbles that mostly attract flying and hungry insects like journalists and civil society.

6) If the insects appear, add the huge bunch of fellow tribesmen to add the wonderful 'We are being targeted' flavor and aroma that neutralizes the insects.

7) Serve at night to ensure the tribesmen remain unemployed for later use.