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Marriage VS Politics

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Marriage VS Politics


There is only one thing that can equal the intricate conspiracies and cajoling that goes on in the world of politics. Marriage. There are no permanent friends, or enemies. And Yes, its a dirty game too.

1. Well, there is alot of corruption. "Hey! If you want me to make this night memorable you better give me money for my hair!" or the more frequent "If you want me to take you to your mother's place on Sunday, then lets rock the cradle". So you wonder where corruption comes from? There you go!

2. There are DEFINATELY alot of scandals. Forget goldenberg, forget anglo-leasing and police recruitment scandals. Marriage is where scandals reside. Husbands who sleep with househelps, neighbours, daughters to a point where you have to watch them around the family livestock; to wifes who sleep with the milk-man, the mail-man, the man next door, the mad-man, the boogie-man, the X-man to a point where you fear they will soon have to have their mileage counter reset at river-road.

3.There are sanctions. Both economic and social. Wife disrespecting husband, husband tightens the financial taps, and ensures wife goes to social functions alone. Husband? Not lucky either. The sanctions (actually its just a sanction) directed at men is withdrawing their conjugal rights!

By the way why are they called 'rights' yet they are enjoyed mostly after alot of coercion? Isnt that part of huMAN rights abuse!

Anyway, back to the point. There are also sanctions from the 'international community' where some statements are issued to the effect..."If my daughter (your wife), tells me you have hit her again, am going to demand you pay every coin of the loan I gave you people to pay fees last year for you son!"

4.There are no permanent friends....! The couple is quite friendly today and a simple argument can turn the house into another city hall as chairs are thrown around freely.

5.There are also the ATWOLIs and RAILAs of marriages. That neighbor who is always issuing ultimatums. The relative who always wants to be consulted on every family decision and complains of being maligned if it does not happen etc.

6.There are no permanent enemies! Oh yes! How many times do you hear couples swearing they are out of each others lives FOR GOOD only to come back together for the sake of the children (For politicians its for the sake of the country but we know in both cases this aint true)

7.There is defiately alot of rhetoric! The only difference between it and politics is that there is no crowd (sometimes). But definately the amount of rhetoric in any marriage can make a different news item every day on prime news.

8.Finally there is definately DRAMA! Forget Cuando ces Mia, El Cuerpo de Whatever-the-hell its called, La Hija Del jardinero and all those third rate soaps! If you want to see conspiracies that not even CSI can solve, visit marriages. If Jack Bauer was in some marriage crisis for 24 hours, there might have never been a season two, or a season finale. The show would have been called 1.


Life is all about interests and mental fortitude (maturity), marriage is a warzone sometimes you win,sometimes you loose.