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News Inmate Pardoned by President Uhuru on Madaraka Day Kills His 76-Year-Old Mother

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News Inmate Pardoned by President Uhuru on Madaraka Day Kills His 76-Year-Old Mother



Police in Kirinyaga County have launched a search for a man who allegedly murdered his 76-year-old mother before fleeing their home.

Confirming the incident, Mwea East Sub-County Police Commander Daniel Kitavi said the woman was killed with a blunt object at her home in Njoga village on Sunday morning.

“We have recovered the weapon suspect used for detective launch investigations,” Kitavi said.

The police commander said the deceased's body was taken to Kibugi funeral home awaiting postmortem as police search for the suspect.

The deceased was living with her son who is among the 3,908 petty offenders released by President Kenyatta during this year’s Madaraka Day celebrations on June 1st.

In his address, the president directed that petty offenders and inmates serving sentences of less than 3 months be pardoned in line with the law.

He called on those pardoned to become change-makers in the society and help restore confidence in the justice system

“I, therefore, direct that their sentences be commuted by the end of next week in full compliance with all legal procedures and processes and in cognizance of the inmates’ individual probation report,” Uhuru ordered.

“To those that have been pardoned, I charge you all to be change-makers in our society and to restore faith and confidence in our criminal justice system. Reciprocate the generosity of your motherland through this act of mercy with a high sense of civic duty and service to your country.”

Source: Mwakilishi


Active Member
It's something of concern that after even being pardoned by the president himself he still got the guts to carry out that murder. Such people should now be charged for life imprisonment because they are becoming a worry to the villages. This incident is among the many, infact in Kericho there has been more than two recorded incidents. Now the natizens are taking it to their own hands and finishing off the village burden and worry as the police have shown to be reluctant in their work.


I heard a scary conversation that some of this suspects who are released actually buy their freedom during this pardons by the president through corrupt senior prison officials